EX DJ: “I Have Tasted Heaven and the Gates of Hell Cannot Prevail Against It.”

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“I have tasted heaven and its sweet, not like what the world gave (me).

“I have been given insights and shown the mysteries of heaven, wonderful things, I have never known before,” wrote a jubilant reformed drug trafficker on death row in Kepayan Central Prisons.

The 32 year old former Disc Jockey from Sarawak is identified as “IN” from name initials.

“NO JESUS NO LIFE! Anyone can try to live life without JESUS, but I don’t recommend it. I’ve tried it and it was very bitter,” IN said in his four-page hand written letter to the Prisons Fellowship Malaysia chief executive officer Prem Kumar.

It was shown to the writer and was written at 3am on 3rd November 2017.


Excerpts from IN’s letter.


“I don’t want to think of my past life. What I’ve gained while here are priceless, no worldly wealth can buy, the blessings that are pouring into my life were paid with the precious blood of Jesus in full and is irrevocable.

“We have died with Christ, so live your life today for JESUS. To keep (up) on the good living, life have to be very spiritually influenced.”

His experiences of heaven in his cell are an “appetiser” and the “main course” enjoying life forever with the Lord is yet to be served.

“I believe it. I can feel it coming..because He is worthy. Wait for Him, have faith in Him, because when you believe there will be a miracle (done).

“May the name of God’s only Son Jesus Christ be glorified”.


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He said he and a group of 3-5 fellow inmates gained great spiritual strengths from reading the Bible and sharings from books given by PFM.

“It all started when I read those books from PFM the revelation were so great that it feels burning inside me and I can’t help to hold it but spill it out to them and they like it,” said the unedited letter.

Thanking Prem and PFM for taking them as his flock, IN said : “Many of our brothers have been with you for years, and to be honest, I can’t imagine how our life here would be like if we can’t have PFM. 

“Through PFM the LORD provides us with the source we need to deepen our knowledge of the Holy Scriptures.”

Adding : “There is no need for me to list down all the things PFM has been doing for us…there won’t be enough pages in this letter.

“But all I can say is whilst prison gives us food, shelter and other basic needs, many important stuff are from PFM.”


Recent family get-together for the prison inmates organised by PFM through their Angel Tree program.
Sponsored knapsacks, rice and other items extended in love. Prem said pictures are to glorify God and His church and encourages churches to participate in PFM’s programmes


IN also rejoiced that in prison, he and other brothers also share things in common just as it is recorded in the Book of Acts, so that none of them lacked.

“God has blessed us more, not just us but our families out there too.

“The more I share from my possessions to spiritual food, the more God bless(es) me. Not just that, I have many of my prayers answered with YES by the Lord.”

Sharing on prison revivals and the power of the Lord falling in Kepayan and abroad, Prem said God can spark revivals at the top place of society (government) or at the lowest – prisons. 

He has been serving the least of Christ’s brethrens for the last 30 years. Every time he shares on them, tears just stream down his cheeks.

He told the writer his prayer to the Lord Jesus was if his draft articles do not shed his tears he would not vet them.


Little wonder imitating blowing the shofar in a recent PFM Christmas celebration.
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Prem also told of a local man known as FSF, aged 59, sentenced to death in Kepayan Prisons for drug trafficking, who could suddenly pen a powerful letter in Chinese urging his family to repent of their sins and believe in  Jesus.

His sentence was reduced to life term (20 years). He is now transferred to Labuan Prison.

“I delivered his letter to his sister in Tawau his hometown. When she read it, she was very surprised and asked me, ‘Where did you get this letter? Do you know that my brother cannot read or write?”‘, said Prem, himself unaware, speaking at Grace Covenant Community church at the state capital.


PFM Sabah Regional Coordinator Edmund Kumar and PFM CEO Prem Kumar
PFM staff and prisoners’ family members posing outside Sandakan Prisons after the visit to loved ones


“FSF only wrote one letter to his sister. I would not know if he had written anymore since his transfers to Sandakan and Labuan FT Prisons.

“Most importantly, the Lord Jesus enabled him to read the Bible and he is very knowledgeable in the Word of God.

“I met him yesterday with my wife (at Labuan FT prisons). He is doing fine and only asks if he can be transferred (back) to KK,” said Prem through Whatsapp.
Testifying on the wisdom of the Lord at GCC, he said one day when FSF wanted to be baptised, water aplenty could not be found in Kepayan jails.

“I was praying, asking the Lord what to do while sipping a small bottle of water.

“Then the Lord said, ‘what is in your hand?’. So I poured water on him and he was baptised.”


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NOTE: Identities of persons within the testimony has been kept hidden for confidentiality purposes. Some pictures used solely for illustrative purposes.


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