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1 April 2013 by Donna Uning CM – 


“Intercessors must enjoy prayer. Prayer is not a burden. Prayer is something to enjoy,” said Ps Julius Suubi after the breakthrough on the third night of the Effective Fervent Prayer seminar at Good News Fellowship, Kuching.  

Romans 12:11 tells, “Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord.” (ESV)

Religion has made prayer boring. We come out of prayer meetings more tired than when we entered. Prayer is something we must love, it is not a punishment, he said.



Don’t be bored in prayer. It is an exercise that we must enjoy. Rise up as you are going to pray, not as you are going to prison, Ps Suubi told. The more time you spend in the spirit of God, we feel captured to pray because we are in love with Him, not because we have problems.

Zeal is to be bought. James 5:16 says, “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”

Fervent is to be hot, to boil. When you pray, your voice must be heard. Don’t be ‘the silent type.’ Open your mouths wide and fill it with good things.

The pastor talked about his experience in Hong Kong where someone said the people there cannot pray like those in Africa or Korea. “Holy Spirit is the same,” he said. “The devil can give intellectual excuses for us not to pray.” We must pray fervently, so hot that the devil cannot stick to your life.

Zeal also means to glow or shine. “There is no ugly intercessor,” he said to the laughing crowd. Prayer makes you handsome or beautiful.

We have people who prayed more than Jesus. Why is it that we are not seeing things we prayed for? It is not just about prayer and fasting, it is about living a holy life, he continued.



“Without holiness, it is impossible for us to see God. There is no way for us to stand in the gap in the land of the wicked and not live holy lives but expect to impact others,” he said. There is power in separation and not be part of the binding system.

We have to travail in prayer (Isaiah 66:7-9). Every move of God took place because some people paid the price. Transformation and revival do not come if there are no people willing to pay the price.

Some people are so diplomatic in prayer, men do not cry. That cry birthed a prophet. Every move of God is birthed. “This year is jubilee year, Malaysia,” he reminded. There must be women and men who are travailing to produce it. Moves of God are produced in the prayer closet, you have to birth it.

Ps Suubi likened himself to a midwife in a labor ward. In his country, midwives are allowed to ‘hit’ a woman if she refuses to push during labor. “We come to Malaysia to help as midwives,” he said. “You have to pay a price.”

Intercessors use God’s Word in prayer. In Numbers 14:11-20, Moses quoted several times what God promised before to the nation of Israel.

“Many members in the church only know John 3:16. Many people read the bible as a sleeping pill,” he said, “It is an international demon.” How are you going to pray without knowing the Word of God? What reason are you going to give God if not His Word?

Isaiah 1:18 says, “Come now, let us reason together,” and Isaiah 41:21 says, “Present your case, says the Lord. ‘Set forth your arguments,’ says Jacob’s King.”



The prayer of reasoning is when you take Him back to His Word. What God has said, He will do. For Malaysia to see revival, he said, God will not do it automatically. He is waiting for intercessors to enforce Him.

“You must know the appropriate scriptures where they are needed,” he said. Where are you going to get a scripture for marriage in John 3:16? Earlier in his ministry, Ps Suubi had quoted, “God help those who helped themselves.” A pastor told him that it was never in the bible. “I thought it was from the bible,” he said. We need to know the Word of God, many of us rely on pastors.

Intercession has power; bonds of wickedness are broken as a result of intercession. Esther fasted for three days and nights. “Through intercession, we can stop the power of darkness; we are gatekeepers, watchmen,” he said. You have the spiritual power to bring down the Haman of this nation.

There is no distance to the realm of the spirit. Emergency fasting is a very powerful fast, he said. There is a God in heaven that answers prayers. When we close ourselves for three days of fasting, God opens the door.

Intercession intercepts the devices of the enemies. God listens to desperate prayer. “It’s time for intercession, radical intercession,” he called. If you are desperate, you will see God. If you are desperate to see revival, you will see revival. When you touch heaven, you touch hearts.



“It is not playing; it is real, real prayer that produces results,” Ps Suubi finished. The fourth day session continued with an hour of praying in the spirit and a joyous celebration. Earlier, the pastor called support for the Children of Destiny Orphanage in the Soweto Slum District, Nairobi.  Ps Julius Suubi was in Kuching for the 5-day Effective Fervent Prayer seminar and Pray for the Nation meetings.


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  1. I love this article and message. Learned a lot. I want to try but how can I have consistency and discipline in fasting for long period of time?

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