Eddie James tells Christians to quit just complaining about riots; unite, take Gospel to the streets

Worship leader, Eddie James. | Photo: Instagram/Eddie James

Popular worship leader Eddie James who only months ago joined a diverse coalition of Christian leaders in offering up prayers for President Donald Trump at the White House, is now calling for a similar show of unity among black and white Christian leaders to reflect the unity among secular groups protesting the death of George Floyd.

“The blacks and the whites are coming together in riots and it’s starting to make me so frustrated because I’m saying, how is it that blacks and whites and other people can come together and riot, and everybody is talking about how bad the riots are, but I’ve yet to see black pastors and white pastors and Hispanic pastors hit the streets immediately worshiping. And more than that, preaching the Gospel to say, Jesus is the answer,” James said in a recent rant on Instagram.

“Why can the world come together so quickly and then we complain about the destruction? And I’m in no way thinking what they’re doing is right. I’m not endorsing burning buildings and all of that. But why is it that the world can come together and do what they’re doing and the church people complain about it, but the church is not doing its part?” he asked.


This is a post from the web magazine The Christian Post. Read more on https://www.christianpost.com/news/eddie-james-tells-christians-to-quit-complaining-about-riots-unite-and-take-gospel-to-the-streets.html


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