It Doesn’t Take Big Miracles to Know That God is With You

Keith Piong, age 20, studies at Sunway Monash University.  A first impression of him is that he is shy, but getting to know him better one can see that he really isn’t as he is all smiles and a very down to earth person. God has provided and blessed him with abundance , he however does not take that for granted and lives every day to his fullest.

Keith has been a Christian all his life, attending FGA , Kuala Lumpur at a very young age together with his family. According to his father while he was still a baby , he was dedicated to the Lord in a dedication service and prayed over by the late Elder Dr. Koh Eng Kiat.


Keith Piong


As his story goes, growing up, Keith started to learn to play the guitar at the age of 13. He was self taught through his own efforts while simultaneously learning the foundation of it from his father, who is also a good guitarist. It was while studying in Sekolah  Menengah Sri Sempurna (A school that emphasizes on the teachings of Christianity) that he actually experienced God’s presence. At the school, he was very much a part of the daily devotion and fellowship every morning, and he was involved during worship and listened to many different speakers that came to speak at his school on a weekly basis. When he became a senior in school, he started leading the worship team , where he sang and played the guitar.

One fine day, at the age of 15 and during a school camp, one of his teachers somehow had a prompting to share a message with all the students. Although he does not remember exactly in full , he remembers that his teacher was sharing about baggages in life. During the altar call, he felt a surge of emotion that overwhelmed him and many others there and tears started flowing down his cheeks, non-stop. He says, “I felt a really nice presence and all I knew was that this was real, that I never felt this way before.” The experience changed his life and from there he says, “After having that feeling, I knew that I wanted to experience more and that built my passion to serve and have a closer relationship with God.”


Playing the guitar
Last day of school after SPM with his siblings Shannon and Geraldine
With his class mates at Sri Sempurna.


In 2009, sometime after High School, God led him to Eagle Point Church, Puchong. Keith and his family were invited by Kelvin Lim (Director of 1AM) to join in  their Church services there. It was as if God wanted Him to continue serving in the Music Ministry, because when he finished High School, his role of leading worship had pretty much reached its end point at that time.

At the beginning of attending this Church, his father told Kelvin about how his son can play the guitar well. From there, Keith was introduced to a guitarist named Jude who taught him more on how to play the electric guitar live on stage and the intricacies of it. This was his training period and during this time, he would follow a schedule and assist the band as a newcomer.  At times serving at the front line and at other times serving as a support. Eventually, in just a short period of time, early 2011 saw him becoming the main guitarist for services most Saturday at church.

In terms of miracles, he says, “I haven’t actually experienced big miracles, but in my point of view, God blesses me in many small ways, and many small miracles, even when it comes to something simple as finding parking at a crowded mall.” Despite not having experienced any big miracle, he is faithful to the Lord and knows deep in his heart that He is always with him where ever he goes.


EaglePoint FC , Keith standing 3rd from left
With Core leaders , campus ministr


Besides serving in the Music Ministry , Keith also contribute passionately in the Sports Ministry of EaglePoint FC , playing football on Monday nights, while also serving as one of the Core Leaders at the Sunway Monash  Life Group. There’s a fire that burns in Him to keep doing more as he helps out where ever he is needed.


Keith (left) in the recent ALL13 the Musical.


For now his priorities are serving and studying. He plans to go to Melbourne, Australia next year to continue his studies, but says, “Currently I do not really know what to do exactly in the near future. I don’t usually plan ahead a lot, but I do pray about it and follow God’s way. If it is God’s will then it will happen and if not I’ll just continue here in Malaysia.”

When asked about a message that he would like to send out, he says, “It is important for a student to learn many different skills while still living a student life. Students should go out and attend many different events and try to put themselves out there in order to learn more. I feel that studying is not the only important thing for a student.


Watch Keith Piong in Eaglepoint Church


In addition to that, he says, “I like being a part of events at University and I also go out and serve the Lord while making time for my family. It’s not easy juggling with studies and doing all that, but I have learnt to balance it out.” With the many things he does for God, God has given him the strength to push on. He is a very humble person who walks with the Lord. He may think that what he is doing is not much, but in fact it is great deal in God’s Kingdom.

His favorite verse is Acts 1:8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the farthest parts of the earth.”

More power to ya !





  1. Hey Keith , keep your love for the Lord going , but don’t try to hard . Just go with the flow because Jesus is the one who love us first and has done everything for us . Go claim it and live that victorious life .

    • Amen to that. Keep trying and exploring your talents and abilities in life. Life with God is meant to be an adventure to live in. I am excited to see your life unfold before you. God Bless.

  2. hey bro, proud of you mehn and i pray that the Lord may continue to use you and to give you more wisdom and expand your horizon in the spirit otheriwse continue enjoying to live in his abundant grace as we discover life together @ EaglePoint 😛

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