A Distinct Change Is Taking Place!

26th Oct 2012. By Rev Dr Steven Kau –

Increasingly the so called grey areas are disappearing. Fence sitters are also becoming a thing of the past. Like it or not, there is a mighty hand at work right now separating us into one camp or the other. It is as if we are being marked for an approaching event. Never in my life have I come across so many Christian leaders worldwide expressing a similar sentiment that something big is about to happen.

I like to believe that it is the Rapture but if not, it will it be so awesome that life as we know it will be forever changed. It is imperative that we stop playing church and get our members ready for whatever that is coming. I am sadden that most Christians that I have talked to, have heard about the end times but don't know how they fit in or what to do and what to expect. They know nothing of the related prophecies and what is expected of them. They assume they are already saved and if it should happen, there is no question they are going to heaven. We are staring at a tragedy of biblical proportions.

Jesus clearly said that those who are on the road to life are few and limited to those who strive to enter. Jesus' seven letters to the churches in Revelation clearly says if you are not an overcomer, you are history.

Indeed many are called but few chosen. I have written many articles of this nature this year and if after reading you have made absolutely no preparation for your spiritual life, I really fear for you. The parable of the ten virgins clearly instruct us to be prepared. Please do so before it is too late.



Rev. Dr. Steven Kau is the pastor of Faith Covenant Church ( FCC ). The church address is at 1-1 Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/5B, 47650 Putra Heights, Subang Jaya, Selangor. Sunday service in English starts at 10 am. His email contact – kausteven@gmail.com



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