I Nearly Died and God Saved Me – Arthur Wong

10 April 2013 by Timothy Tai CM-


Arthur Wong is the eldest of four children in his family and it was just last month that he celebrated his 12th birthday. Like most of the preteens his age, he is cheerful, fun-loving and full of life. Unlike many of his peers however, Arthur is keenly aware of the fact that he would not be alive today if not for God’s hand upon his life.

You see, when he was just 10 years old, his mother Lily walked in on him and was horrified by what she saw: His eyes were rolled back, his teeth clenched and he was foaming at the mouth. His hands were bent at an unnatural angle and his body was convulsing. He was having a full-on seizure.

Lily let out such a loud bloodcurdling scream that the rest of her children came immediately to see what was wrong. “Jesus! Heal my son! Jesus! Heal my son!” she cried and Arthur was immediately rushed to obtain medical attention.


Arthur’s mother Lily praying for him in the ambulance


However, the nerve specialists at Sunway Medical Hospital couldn’t determine what was wrong with Arthur and they admitted him to the High Dependency Unit (HDU). The next few days were extremely hard and distressing for Arthur’s family but they knew that they had to rely totally on God to heal him.


Arthur with needles and wires all over his body


When I asked his father Steven if we could report what happened to Arthur on Christianity Malaysia, his reply was a resounding: “Sure! Go all out to make God famous through Arthur’s testimony.” As for 12-year-old Arthur, when he looks back now at everything that happened to him, he couldn’t be any surer of the reality of God’s hand in his life. Here’s how Arthur sums it up in his own words: “I was suffering, nearly died and God saved me. God is very real and He can really heal.”

Click on the link below to watch the amazing testimony of Arthur’s miracle as told by his ever-grateful parents. To God be the glory! Great things He has done!




Note: Timothy grew up in Kuching and worked in KL before jumping off the corporate ladder in 2006. He moved to New York City where he served at an inner-city kids ministry for almost 6 years. He has since returned to KL and has just married his Irish fiancee Sarah.


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