‘Come Celebrate Jesus’ Dance Concert by Christian Dance Fellowship Malaysia (CDFM) | Dec 1 – 3 | 8:30 PM | Mega Star Arena, Kuala Lumpur

Retelling the real reason of Christmas

Christian Dance Fellowship Malaysia (CDFM) invites all to experience the real meaning of Christmas through dance at the ‘Come Celebrate Jesus’ Dance Concert.

Renowned professional Christian dance company Austrian Ballet Company-Tokyo (ABC-Tokyo) from Japan will be presenting a trilogy series of dance performances as part of a week-long Christmas Tour, from December 1 till 3, 2015, at 8:30 PM every night at the Mega Star Arena, Kuala Lumpur.


Scene of the Messiah, man with a mission
Scene of the Messiah, man with a mission


The trilogy performance series retells the stories of the Old Testament up until the birth of Jesus Christ in three parts, with two performance pieces each night:


  • Opening night – Nutcracker and Moses – Prince of Egypt

  • Second night – Urashima Taro and Joseph and Mary (Nativity)

  • Closing night – Japanism and Messiah


Tickets are available in two-tiers:


  • Numbered VIP seating at RM 89 (one part) or RM 139 (three-part package)

  • Free seating at RM 59 (one part) or RM 89 (three-part package)

  • The journey begins at 8.30 PM every night


Led by artistic directors Christian Martinu and his wife Rio Mitani, look forward to classic ballet recitals with a Christian twist to it: “Moses – Prince of Egypt”, “Joseph and Mary (Nativity)”, “Messiah”, “The Nutcracker”, “Urashima Taro” and other creations fusing Japanese culture into western ballet.


ABC-Tokyo Ballet Urashima Taro showcased on 2nd Night of Come Celebrate Jesus Concert.


The concert is part of the three-day dance workshop that will be conducted by Mitani and Martinu, featuring classes in classical ballet, modern ballet, worship dance, choreography, mime and acting, character dance, production skills, performance skills, creative dance expression, kimono and Japanese dance, and body conditioning and stretching.

“We are aware that at certain times in history, the arts in general have played a strategic role in the mission of the Church. At others, they were largely abandoned due to the perception of an intrinsic moral and spiritual bankruptcy. The Gnostic view of materiality as inherently sinful and the Reformation fear of image idolatry—although not without cause—have cast long shadows over the arts,” shared CDFM National Coordinator, Rev Karen Liew.


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“However, as the Church recovers an understanding of the place of the arts in God’s kingdom, our world will once again be able to witness works of art—informed by a biblical worldview—that point to the redemptive purposes of God through Christ to bring both individual and cultural transformation.

“We hope to bring new exposure in Christian ballet through dance and physical theatre, a visual fusion of moving images and dramatic presentation based on the theme ‘A Biblical worldview of the Arts’ through these performances and workshops,” added Liew.

About Christian Dance Fellowship Malaysia (CDFM) | CDFM is affiliated with the International Christian Dance Fellowship (ICDF) and National Evangelical Christian Fellowship of Malaysia (NECF). We are a fellowship of believers that links individuals, groups, churches and performing arts organizations involved in dance and related movement arts ministry around Malaysia and abroad. OUR AIM is to serve as a consultation centre to educate, network and provide resources, training, encouragement, vision and fellowship in dance and other related movement arts as an expression of the Christian faith and unity.

About CHRISTIAN MARTINU | Christian Martinu is Austrian, and danced with the Vienna State Opera Ballet in choreographies from Hans von Manen, Rudi von Dantzig, R. Nureyev, Heinz Spoerli, Uwe Scholtz, John Cranko, Frederique Asthon, a.o. Later, he founded and directed the Austrian Ballet Theater, and moved to the United States to dance, teach and direct. Later, Martinu relocated to Tokyo and founded with Rio Mitani the ABC-Tokyo Ballet Company. Currently, he serves as the International Christian Dance Fellowship (ICDF) Country Representative for Japan.

About RIO MITANI | Rio Mitani was born in Kobe, Japan but raised in Vienna, Austria. She absolved the Conservatory of Dance in Vienna and worked with master teachers like Vladimir Tsukanov and Virginia Stankiewiz. Mitani then directed the Austrian Ballet Theater before moving to America to dance, teach and choreograph. Mitani later moved to Tokyo where she directs the Austrian Ballet School as well as ABC-Tokyo Ballet Co.

For more information please contact:
National Coordinator, Rev Karen Liew
Tel: 03-627 20102 or 013- 3088 006 
E-mail: cdfm.my@gmail.com


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