Cili Padi For The Campus Souls

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The followers of Jesus are called by God, according to His purpose, to be salt and light in the world. Being a French language lecturer in a private university, Lim Lee Sah shared her knowledge and her life experience with students; She played the role of a good team member in her school. She prayed for those God sent to her work life. A petite woman with a youthful look, Lee Sah was often taken for a student. Once she stepped into the classroom and opened her mouth to speak, she captured her audience with her loud voice and lively teaching.

Initially she was planning to write a French teaching book. But God reminded her that her students needed a good teacher rather than a good textbook. After she let go of the project, she recalled one of her childhood dreams to become a journalist like her late father. She had been writing articles and rhymes about her life as a lecturer. She thought of compiling them into a book to share with students, parents and educators.



As Lee Sah and her husband Ray were brainstorming on the book title, “Cili Padi” came to their mind as it sounds Malaysian, and one immediately thinks of its small size and spicy flavour. Soon later, God spoke to both in separate occasions. “Cili padi” in Chinese (指天椒) reminded Lee Sah of “heaven-pointing chilies” while “padi” in English led Ray to think of paddy field, God’s harvest field in Asia. They were truly amazed at the revelations. Thus the birth of this “Cili Padi For The Campus Souls” book which consists of 72 inspiring stories and witty poems that will spice up the readers’ lives. 



This book is the reflection of Lee Sah’s daily work life on campus. She shares her insights on how she makes a difference in her students and peers’ lives. Her stories will:


  • Motivate high school graduates to further their studies according to their desire and to pursue their dreams.
  • Encourage college/university students to take initiatives to seek help when dealing with everyday life issues.
  • Help parents understand their children better.
  • Inspire educators to see teaching as a vocation – as change agents to make an impact to realise the students’ potential and preparedness to succeed in life.


Lee Sah’s teaching mission is summarised in her following poem:


God has set me apart,

To treat teaching as a ministry

More than a science or an art.

I want to impact my students

With a word rather than a chart.

I want them to learn the best recipe

Of life rather than a tart.

It doesn’t matter when, as long as they start.

It doesn’t matter if they are slow learners or smart.

My mission is to take a hand,

Open a mind and touch a heart.



About Lim Lee Sah

Lim Lee Sah is a teacher, mentor and writer. She graduated from Université de Franche-Comté in France with a master’s degree in language science. She worked in a public university and a private university as a French language lecturer for 14 years before helping her husband Ray Lee in his ministry “All Men Arise Network”. Their passion is helping young people make wise choices and live a purposeful life.

Cili Padi For The Campus Souls” is now available at Canaanland (Canaanland Distributors Sdn Bhd), Glad Sounds (Glad Sounds Sdn Bhd), and Burning Bush bookstores nationwide.

For more information, please visit their Facebook page at or email to the Publisher/Author at


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