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5th Nov 2012. By Natasha Kim. CM –

Acts Central located strategically in Subang Jaya is where it all began. Their Central services are currently held at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre (SPCC), Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa Lagoon Ballroom or AYA Conference Centre, Summit Hotel USJ. In this case, they make announcements for where services for Acts Central are going to be held on every particular week.

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Acts all began with Senior Pastor Kenneth Chin, (also founder of Asian Youth Ambassadors (AYA)) who was given the desire to bring revival and transformation through the youths in Malaysia, and Malaysia to the world. Twelve years ago in the year 2000, was when the Church was officially birthed. Since then, it has grown to a total congregation of around 1600 people.

Pastor Kenneth has ventured beyond the shores of Malaysia and opened up Churches in the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Botswana, and the most current one in London. He still plans to open up more as he envisions Acts in New York very soon. This Pastor is also uniquely one of the very few pastors who is still very involved in the youth despite having to keep a busy schedule with trying to reach out to so many people. As the story goes, God promised him that if he would obey to plant and shepherd a local church that would reach out primarily to the X generation, that He would bless the work and transform the ‘X’ to become the ‘Acts’ generation. He promised that this local church would be an international movement and a model to many and that if we will remain faithful to build according to His pattern, we will see “one generation praise His name to another…”. God always keeps His promises! He wants to bring light and hope to where there is darkness.

Acts Pastor Kenneth Chin preaching


God works in Mysterious Ways

Their Acts Central service this past weekend saw hundreds of people that are enlivened by the Word and by the presence of God. While in their seats, they cheer and encourage every single word that comes out from the speakers on the stage including of course Kenneth who preached on this day. He literally just got back from London and could not wait to share his experience. Since he just opened up an Acts Church in London, he talked about his experience there and how God always blesses him and the Church.

He excitingly shares the story about how it came about and how Acts Ampang was indirectly involved in the opening of Acts London through one of the Church goers that recently joined. Interestingly enough, this brother that joined knew Kenneth from many years ago even before the Church opened up. He joined because he just came back to Malaysia from Hong Kong after staying there for many years, as he got a job as the Head of Securities for Corus Hotel. The same month that he met Pastor, he just got promoted to the General Manager of Corus Hotels International and of course, he mentioned that to him. Pastor at that time had already been thinking about opening up a Church in London and it so happens that there is a Corus Hotel in London! From there, they started connecting with each other regarding this and soon enough Pastor and his family were already set to go to London in preparation to scout for a place in Corus Hotel to place his new Church.

The Journey in London

He managed to get a very good rate for a room at Corus Hotel. While he was there with his wife Pastor Sandra, he checked into a room that was very small considering it was four and a half stars. He was talking about a room where he could not even lay down his luggage and open it, and in this room was a bathroom that was so small that when he had to take a shower, half his body would touch the wall while the other half touched the shower curtain! He says, “That bathroom was one of the most challenging things in my life.” There was literally no space to move! “My wife Sandra is usually not one to complain, so I kept in mind to be thankful. However when she entered the bathroom she shouted, “SO Small!”, Pastor says in a funny manner.

After all that, they left the hotel to go out for food and when they got back a miracle happened. You guessed it! Their room was upgraded to the Club Rooms on the highest floor where everything was three times bigger than the room they initially had. Pastor then thanked the man who upgraded his room and went forth to discuss rooms for prayer. The man, the Event Manager, offered him a good price amounting to 150 pounds for a room. Keep in mind that it is a 4 and a half star hotel in the heart of London! Pastor says, “As you’re walking with the Lord, He shows you.” He was in loved with the price he was given.

The very next day, he thanked the same man again for the room and to his surprise was asked, “Don’t you want a room for your Church service?” The Event Manager went on to share that, “There is no ballroom but we can transfer our restaurant that is located at the basement”  Kenneth says, “I was surprised because the restaurant that he is talking about is always packed and very popular indeed. It served fine dining.” He then showed him the room and it was one that could seat about 80 people. This man then said, “It is only available on Sunday afternoons, where we would have to pack up before your service and unpack before dinner services start. Do you want it?” Pastor Kenneth replied, “It was great as the location was perfect! And it was a place where we could be loud.”

In a few days time, after discussion he was given an incredible price of 300 pounds for this basement restaurant room! Pastor says, “God owns everything in this world, any land belongs to God including the bricks and mortar. Life at its breath belongs to God. I’ll tell you who the real boss is, and his name isn’t “Hugo”, it’s Jesus! There is nothing that is impossible for God for He owns the earth and the fullness there is.”


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