Christmas Party @ the Park, A Success!

26th November 2012  by Natasha Kim – CM .

The weekend Christmas Party at the Park that was held at SS17/2 Subang Jaya was a success as many families came to accompany their children for a fun day out. At the beginning, many were worried as the morning started off with heavy rain.

Many were wondering how City Revival Church was going to be able to pull the party off at this rate but the Lord watches over and takes care of every good cause that we make, and so the rain slowly withered away, and by the time everyone got there they were greeted with cool breeze, good weather and the many ushers in red wearing reindeer headbands and Christmas party hats! The party started off at 10.00 a.m. where a total of 460 children registered.




It began with an introduction and a warm welcome note by Pastor Suresh of City Revival. He welcomed every family with a big smile in his short speech, briefing them on what would be in store for them when the carnival would officially begin. On the stage, thet also welcomed Councilor Rajiv Rishyakaran (Yang Berhormat Hannah Yeoh’s representative) as he gave his short speech, also welcoming everyone with a smile and thanking God for the weather and the great turn out at the Park.



Right after that, the children got to feast their eyes on singing and dance performances by the youth of City Revival. Upbeat Christmas and Church songs were sang as the children stood up and sang along. There was also an exciting performance by a hilarious clown, where the eyes of hundreds of children were fixed the whole session. They even had a question and answer session where the children were asked about the Bible. Many were anxiously waiting to answer those questions as they raised their hands in excitement.



The Carnival then commenced soon after as the children were released to roam around the park to see what exciting things awaited them. There was something for everyone and above all that, the food was delicious and it was free! While Christmas songs played the entire Carnival, I definitely felt like a child again as I myself had fun while witnessing the happiness of all those children at the park lining up to take part in every activity available.



There was an inflatable house were the children could bounce around in, game booths, puppet shows, cotton candy, popcorn, cupcakes, ice cream, clowns, a photo booth, face painting, balloons, and of course each child went home with prizes and goodies galore. The happiness that could be seen was priceless as it definitely brought families closer together and an early Christmas cheer. At the Carnival, there was also a booth for the youth, the ladies and the senior citizens to hang out in while the children kept themselves busy.



At the end of it all, the event finished at around 1.30 p.m. Many were exhausted but thrilled to have been part of the event. They even gave out various vouchers to those who were celebrating their birthdays in the month of November. Most importantly, the event managed to create awareness of the City Revivals Children’s homes and their Senior Citizens activities.



Many contributed generously with a loving heart to make the children’s wish list come true!. I believe the event also showed people just how fun it can be when you combine God with every activity you make. I’m sure that many of these children will look back on this day and remember how much fun they had, and bring their own children in the future for a Christmas Party at the Park too!






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