Christine Caine: Churches have replaced prayer with smoke machines, coolness


Bible teacher Christine Caine condemned the modern Church for placing its focus on being “cool” instead of holiness and warned that unless the Body of Christ returns to a focus on “righteousness, joy, and peace,” revival will never happen. 

Caine, bestselling author and founder of The A21 Campaign, on Wednesday participated in a 2020 Q&A: A Virtual Townhall event focused on the topics of prayer and revival alongside Pastor Jon Tyson and author Corey Russell.

Opening the session, the Australian speaker and author lamented that because the Church has gotten “so scared of emotionalism,” prayer has gone to the “basement with the grandmothers.”

“That’s where we’ve put it, and I’m on a campaign to pull prayer out of the basement and put it on the pulpit and put it front and center,” she declared. 


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