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21 May 2013 by Donna Uning CM –


With participants from West Kalimantan, Thailand, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching, World Outreach International, Australia began their five-day Child Counseling Seminar starting from May 17 – 21, 2013.


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The basic counseling and caring skills seminar is designed to equip teachers, youth and children’s pastors, care workers, parents, foster parents, and those in the children and youth ministry.

The seminar, led by Ps David Goodwin from Sydney, Australia is conducted in English and translated into Bahasa Indonesia. Ps David taught with examples and experiences to illustrate the different methods of counseling. The course covers methods of counseling therapies and biblical scriptures.

“The heart of the Father is represented by the big heart drawn (on the board). The desire of the Father is to lift these children into the heart of the Father,” he said on the list of problems and effects brought up by the groups. Participants were broken into groups for practical exercises and discussions.


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“In the way we can show caring and love, never forget, bring these children to the Father,” Ps David said.

“This week benefit you in whatever level you are in,” he said, stressing that the course does not make the learners certified counselors. “You need professional certificate for that.”

 “This course can help you handle children more that you can now,” he said. Many in the seminar are pastors, Sunday school teachers, teachers and childcare workers. “Know your limitations. You should know your levels and when it’s time to need help.”

The attendees also learned basic rules of counseling, like confidentiality and also the need for professional supervision. He advised the need to be constantly exposed to new ideas. The entire course covers a whole semester’s subject on Child Counseling.

 “There are times you know only God can do,” he expressed, speaking on the importance of intercession. The Holy Spirit is your counselor and comforter. “Your Holy Spirit is the one who will stand alongside to help you.”

“Get to know the people in your church that pray. Be their friend and build that relationship,” he advised, saying that intercessors help pray for you and the people you are praying for. The participants also have prayer sessions.

“God loves them,” he said, telling that we need to love the children in all their issues and offences. The second day continued with more in depth counseling methodologies.

Ps David also talked about using toys to get to know the children and create a relationship. “Use your imagination and creativity,” he said. “The Holy Spirit is your greatest friend,” he said when needing help and ideas for sessions. He also recommended tools and resources available from his ministry.

Fifty-one participants from various ministries and churches, including New Hope Ministries (West Kalimantan), Mount Hope (West Kalimantan), Living Waters, Salvation Army, Calvary Church, Latter Rain Church, St. Faith’s Church, Skyline SIB (Kota Kinabalu), SIB Kota Padawan, Good News Fellowship, Trinity Methodist Church, and others attended the seminar at the Community Hall, Good News Fellowship Church, Kuching.

Ps David Goodwin is the director of Kidsreach. Kidsreach is an organization with missions to train, resource, encourages and equips those working with children. They have offices in Sydney, Australia, Paraparaumu, New Zealand and Kandy, Sri Lanka. Ps David is also a children’s pastor, counselor, lecturer, author and trainer who ministers in seminars and conferences all over the world.


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