Celebrating 50 Years of God’s Faithfulness, History, and Kingdom Extension : Kajang Assembly of God’s Golden Jubilee Celebration

14 September 2014 by Jason Law CM –


On the 6th of September 2014, the church of Kajang Assembly of God celebrated its Golden Jubilee, another historic milestone in its remarkable history. Since its inception in 1964, Kajang Assembly of God has been playing the role of guiding light for Christians and the community of Kajang at large.


Cake cutting by KAOG senior pastors and guests of honor.


The momentous event was celebrated with the presence and sharing from all of its pastors, from the birth of the church to the present time. A total of 5 men of God have served as senior pastors of the church, many of whom are quite well-known, and the church is no stranger to many Christians.

Among the guests of honor were Reverend Ong Sek Leang, Reverend Vincent Leoh, and Reverend Christopher Pak. Reverend Vincent Leoh pointed out the significant fact that KAOG was one of the earliest Assemblies of God church in Malaysia and that it has been a blessing to the movement.     


Timeline of Kajang Assembly of God




Decade of Pioneering (1964-1973) and Growth (1974-1983)

In its 50 years of history, God has continually guided the church in its growth. Kajang Assembly of God was pioneered by Reverend Jameson Yeo who served as its senior pastor from 1964-1968. In 1969, the late Reverend Arthur Yoong took over the leadership of the church and the church grew steadily, birthing both the Tamil service (1973) and outreaches in Semenyih and Serdang during his tenure (1969-1977).  


5_ Desa_Amal_Jireh_171
Rev Sinnadurai (3rd row from front, 4th from right) with Desa Amal Jireh, an orphanage founded by him. ref : bukitkiara.com/


In 1978, Reverend K.K Sinnadurai started his ministry as its longest-serving senior pastor, tenure of 23 years, and the church expanded rapidly. It became the first AG church to organize a Junior Inter-school Christ Ambassador service in 1978, started its Chinese service in 1979, and its BM service in 1985.


Decade of Expanding (1984-1993) and Maturing (1994-2003)

The years of 1984-1993 were eventful years, and Desa Amal Jireh, Faith Eagle’s Nest, and the Musicians’ Fellowship that has since then produced many well-known local bands, were founded.  In 1992, KAOG started its first Easter March which has played a remarkable role in uniting the churches of Kajang in praying for the town.


Easter March still going strong; 2009


All the ministries of the church continued to grow and when Pastor Chan Nam Chen took over leadership of the church in 2001, the time was ripe for the church to transition to the cell church model and an increase in cell attendance was reported. KAOG started its first youth service, R.A.G.E, in 2003. Missions continued to be a main thrust of the church, and the Nepali ministry was started in 2003.


Decade of Strengthening & Reaching Out (2004-2013)

Over the next decade, many individuals were burdened to reach out to the community, and many ministries and outreaches were birthed, including a Kindergarden (Tadika Anak Seri Cahaya), an Agape ministry, a dance ministry (Xpresyve), a Christian learning centre (Hosanna Learning Place), a Tuition Club (Enrich Tuition Club), and a campus and young adults ministry known as the Conquerors’ Zone.


The Present Day pastors reminiscing about the church’s history. (Pastor Calvin Lee, senior pastor (left); Pastor Julian, BM section (center), Pastor Peter Lai, Chinese section (right).


Pastor Calvin Lee took over leadership of a strong church in 2011, and today, the church has a total of 11 ministries; missions in China, Cambodia, Medan, Phillipines, and with the Temuan in Kampung Tekir; as well as outreaches in Bangi Lama, Cheras, Semenyih, and Seri Kembangan.        


The Jubilee Celebration

KAOG’s Golden Jubilee celebrated the growth of the church in 7 special presentations by its various sections, each of which highlighted central themes and visions of the church. Guests filled close to 100 tables during the celebration. Reverend Calvin Lee shared that reflecting back on the years of God’s faithfulness, amazement and praises well up from the hearts of the church.


One of the presentations in the jubilee celebration.


He gave thanks to the God that has guided the church’s growth until today, where it has 6 language services under one roof, many outreaches planted, and numerous pastors who have been raised and sent into the harvest field throughout Malaysia and other parts of the world. The growth of these ministries that have touched countless lives shows that with God, nothing is impossible (Matt 19:26).

‘It is with this absolute faith in God and empowered dedication that the church is carried into the future. We have celebrated 50 years but we cannot rest on our laurels. As long as the Lord tarries, the work of the church is not finished. We have not reached our destination, and an even more exciting journey to embark on than the previous 50 years,’ shared Pastor Calvin Lee in his message to the church.


Fellowshipping at the KAOG Golden Jubilee.


‘The older generation of pioneers and builders will be there and there will be a new generation of pioneers and builders to come. Together we will chart the future. I absolutely believe that Kajang and Kajang Assembly of God is poised for greater things to come in the plan of God for Malaysia and beyond’.  


Kajang Assembly of God is a prominent church in Kajang, and it has played an influential role in the lives of the town’s Christian community. More information about the church can be found either on their FaceBook page (https://www.facebook.com/kajangaog?ref=br_rs) or on their website (http://www.kaog.org.my/)


NOTE : All pictures of Kajang Assembly of God property of Kajang Assembly of God.


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