Bringing Hope to the Nations

18 July 2013 by Donna Uning CM-


“What is this hope that we’re talking about onboard?” asked Logos Hope director Lloyd Nicholas. “Everyone is created in the image of God. Everyone is a valued member in the world around us, that’s hope.”

On 12th of July, several guests assembled for the opening of Logos Hope.

“What we do have significance. There is a hope that we share with people. Who you are is important,” said Llyod adding that people discover their roles with missions.


Logos Hope director Lloyd Nicholas
Logos Hope director Lloyd Nicholas


Counting to 37 years in Logos Hope, Lloyd explained that one of the purposes of the ship is to bring knowledge. The ship, known as the world’s largest floating book fair, carries a wide range of literature including books, CD’s, DVD’s, and souvenir items at a fraction of the original cost.

With 50 nations onboard, most of the crew members did not know each other until they connect and become friends through activities and programs organized for them. In the two years, members learned through programs, skills, services, leadership opportunities, and mechanical management.

“In this period, it’s not necessary that you just wash dishes, unless you’re a professional dish washer,” joked Llyod, referring to one of the responsibilities of a crew member.

“It is important to have a wide range of responsibilities onboard. We learn to serve one another so that we can serve other communities. We help each other so that we can help others,” he added.


The parade of nations
The parade of nations


Another purpose of the ship is to help communities who are in difficult and desperate situations. For example, the ship would give an equipment to villagers for them to produce half a million litre of water annually.

“We give them the opportunity to get clean water,” Llyod added.

Apart from this, the team also carries out humanitarian and relief projects such as building orphanages, donating books to the schools and universities, conducting health checks, and providing medical aid.

Lastly, the team also gave hope in the form of motivation by visiting and being a part of the communities they serve around the world.

Having the opportunity to visit so many countries, the crew members must be interesting to talk to! Lloyd encouraged all visitors to meet everyone working in the ship.

“They are nice and friendly people. They truly desire to be friends with you,” said Llody.


Largest floating book fair in the world, opened on Friday
Largest floating book fair in the world, opened on Friday


Datuk Seri Michael Manyin, Infrastructure Development and Communications Minister, officiated the opening of Logos Hope. He urged the Sarawakians to join the ship’s crew because they could learn many things onboard. After that, a parade of nations ensued, followed by a Korean fan dance by the crew.

Logos Hope is opened at Sim Kheng Hong Port, pending until August 1, 2013. The entrance fee is RM1. Children under 12 years old can enter for free and must be accompanied by an adult.


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