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10 May 2014 by Donna Uning CM –


Early Saturday morning, about a hundred volunteers walked through the doors of the ACS building, setting up their stalls for the Charity Fund Raising 2014. Every two years, Breakthrough Network Centre Bhd hosts the sale in order to run their mission to build lives. More than a thousand visitors came in to support the sale, which carried mostly food from scrumptious cupcakes to laksa and burgers.

According to Breakthrough director James Lee, the sale brought in 67 stalls from churches, banquets, restaurants and corporate contributors. “We need at least RM180 000 to RM200 000 to run the network,” he said.


Caption 320
The Breakthrough team and volunteers (l-r) GJ Brigger, Michael Deacon, James Lee, Ting Meng Chung and Jessie Kee.


Breakthrough Network Centre Bhd was formed six years ago on August 28, 2008, as a non-profit and non-political organization intended to help those “caught in the web of poverty to find a breakthrough.” Their services include building homes, family visitation and care, natural farming and HUB youth center.

“The sale was good. We are very close to our target,” said Jessie Kee, Breakthrough pioneer member. She set up a cupcake stall with her friend, Sharon Martin. Their chocolate and vanilla cupcakes were sold out.

As part of entertainment, volunteers from churches also graced the stage with performances, including dancing and singing. By 11 am, the stalls were nearly sold out as late comers walked in to have their lunch.


Caption 321
Busy morning at the Charity Fund Raising 2014.


“I’ve been with Breakthrough since its formation in 2008. James Lee is a good friend; he called me to join when they were setting up,” Jessie told saying, “The Lord has called me into this ministry.”

The experience had been very good, she said. “They really have the heart for the poor and the less fortunate; we have really committed volunteers,” she added. A lot of churches come in to help out with the projects or become members. “We have special teams who go to the sites,” said Jessie, who had been to the home visits.

“The experience is very meaningful. Many independent bodies, Christian sisters and brothers come in with their effort, time or money; it’s the joy of serving in this ministry,” she said.


Caption 322
Team cupcakes at their stall.


This year is the second time the inter-denomination team runs the sale. Churches including the Methodist church, First Baptist, Blessed Church, and others set up stalls or donated funds to the sale. Some corporate, private companies and banks also indirectly or directly helped with the sale with volunteers running stalls for them.

“We need more people to volunteer,” said Jessie.

The network partners with organizations, agencies and individuals to meet the needs of the poor, marginalized and disposed. The building and renovating home is an ongoing mission run by volunteers to help poor families have simple, affordable homes. Home visitation allows the network to see firsthand the needs and situations of the families. Accordingly, “It also helps the families realize that we really do care and not merely giving hand-outs.”


Caption 323
Performances at the sale


Natural farming is an effort to help poor farmers cultivate their land with minimal costs and teach the use of natural available resources. The HUB youth center in MJC Township is a youth activity center with library, computer and music facilities. The center organizes special activities every month for youths living in the vicinity, providing a healthy outlet for the young people.

The Charity Fund Raising 2014 was held at the ACS Building, Jalan Stampin, Kuching. Be a part of Breakthrough or learn more about the network at



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