Bold as a Lion in the Marketplace- Audrey Tan

22nd Oct 2012, by Adeline Lum, CM –

As a finance officer for 20 years, Audrey Tan witnessed many shoddy practices in her company. Nicknamed as the “patrol officer” due to her ethics, she would not validate any checks deemed illegal. However, her stand also made her many enemies from the accounts, sales, and even the management department.

She recalled one incident where she asked to see the finance documents of a general manager in a subsidiary company. Known for his terror and aggression, the general manager stormed across the hallway towards Audrey, parting the staffs like the red sea.

When he found Audrey, he declared in an attempt to embarrass Audrey, “Who gave you the right to check my profile?”

Audrey felt a righteous anger burning within her. She knew clearly of her responsibility and right as finance officer to protect the company from possible lawsuits. Owing her boldness to the Holy Spirit, the general manager left after he failed to answer Audrey’s questions for his suspicious practices.

“The righteous shall be as bold as a lion,” said Audrey (Proverb 21:8b)



Audrey’s unmovable stand in ethics grieved many people. One colleague even attempted to get rid of Audrey by spreading rumors about Audrey scheming to take over her boss’s position. This colleague had been involved in fraudulent practices, which may get Audrey entangled in lawsuits if the company was charged.

In defense, Audrey prepared a proposal with the supporting evidence for the managing director of the holding company.  However, her proposal to enforce correct practices was rejected.

The managing director said, “There are two types of morality, one that causes harm and one that does not. As long as I do not cause harm, no wrong is done. Everyone is doing it anyway.”

After the meeting, Audrey prayed for guidance. She had been staying in the company for a whole year since the fraudulent practice started and continued. However, her countless memo to the management fell on deaf ears.

Audrey prayed awhile with her friends, and felt that God leading her to quit. Without a new job at hand, Audrey quit her job in her late forties.



Before her three-months resignation notice ended, God gave her another job as a human resource manager in a public-listed company as requested. She was hired having no qualifications, no experience and being overage.

Now, Audrey had been working in her current company as a human resource manager. In managing her staffs’ performance, Audrey exercised patience, compassion and love.

“People usually open up when they know that you care about them,” said Audrey.

What does Audrey do if people take her for granted?

“There are two reasons of underperformance, one due to weakness of their flesh or circumstances, and the other is malicious or wicked intent. You need to identify them,” said Audrey. Due to her longsuffering attitude in guiding and disciplining her staffs, many of them would accept her decision to retrench them upon a long time of counseling.

When asked if anyone knew Audrey’s righteous anger side, Audrey said that rare occasions call for that side if she finds that her staffs were jeopardizing the company.

“You work as you work unto the Lord. I think loyalty is very important, treat your company like your own,” said Audrey.

A street-smart woman for the Lord, Audrey depends on God in everything she does.

“I really don’t think I can live without God. There is no accident, even troubles happen for a reason in our lives, so that God can show Himself and we can trust Him,” said Audrey.



Audrey has complete confidence in God’s faithfulness, even in protecting her from people with malicious intent.

“You do not need to be afraid. God will protect you if you do the right thing. A little while, and the wicked will be no more; though you look for them, they will not be found.” said Audrey quoting Psalm 37:10.

A gem in the marketplace, Audrey is as bold as a lion in Jesus.