Billy Graham Answers: Do Deathbed Conversions Work?

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The Rev. Billy Graham says it’s “unwise” to assume that a person purposely led a bad life knowing that they can convert on their deathbed.


In a Q&A published on the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website on Tuesday, Graham was asked about someone who planned to do just that.

“My cousin has always lived kind of a wild life, but he says he isn’t worried because he plans to turn to God just before he dies, and he says God will forgive him and let him into Heaven. Is this right?” inquired the person.

The famed evangelical preacher responded that while God does forgive those who turn to Him at the last minute, it is spiritually dangerous to purposely wait to convert.

“Your cousin, however, is unwise in thinking he can turn to God at the last minute and be saved; in fact, he is in grave spiritual danger,” wrote Graham.

“For one thing, we can’t truly receive Christ without sincerely repenting of our sins. But if he’s unwilling to do that now, what reason does he have for thinking he’ll be willing to do it later?”


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