Bible Reliable? Unique in its Circulation (Part 2 of 6)

1 May 2013 by Joseph Tan-


It's not unusual to hear about books that hit the bestseller list, selling a few million copies. But whatever about the Bible – how well does it sell? More importantly, is it trustworthy enough for me to want to read it and obey what it says? If you are the type of person that likes "the facts to speak for themselves" – well, get ready to see a few interesting facts about the Bible's circulation and accuracy! 




What did a Bedouin shepherd boy do in 1947 that cause liberal Old Testament scholars to change their view on the accuracy of the Bible? Before the discovery of this shepherd boy, the question was – "How accurate are the copies we have today compared to the copies of the first century and earlier?" The earliest complete copy of the Old Testament dates from the 10th century. Thus the big question – "Because the text has been copied over many times, can we trust it?" Well, this week's video provides the answer.


Qumran, the site of an ancient settlement on the northwestern Dead Sea shore. This the the place where the Bedouin shepherd came across the biblical manuscript in a cave.

The Bible stands alone among all other books. It is unique.


Watch this video of WHY the Bible is reliable!


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