Be Still – Worship Recording by FGACYC Worship


“Be still, and know that I am God”  — Psalms 46:10


As the pandemic swipes globally, uncertainties arise; we do not know what can be done and how to make a way out of no way. Lots of us were anxious, and some even in depression this season. We’ve witnessed some losing their beloved ones, their jobs, their living, and some of the most important things that money can’t buy in life – peace, hope, and love.

Plans were being redundant in this year for all of us, including FGACYC. Yet, out of all the chaos, when they decided to start worship, pray and seek His face, and be still in God, things began to change. There are restoration, healing, fresh anointing, and revelations take place.

Coming out with a live worship recording (4 Mandarin songs and 2 English songs) at Peacehaven Genting, with most crews being volunteers, is not something in their initial plan for this year. However, they believed that this recording is in God’s plan, and that’s how this recording was done in God’s provision and by His Grace.

Like how one of the songs led in this worship recording by FGACYC Worship, though the season may change, yes, God’s love remains. Things may happen for a reason we could not comprehend, but our future is in God’s hand.

Are you ready to dive into the presence of God?



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