BCM Day- A day of Food, Fun and Fellowship!

3 May 2013 by Adeline Lum CM-


An atypical cooling breeze blew across several tents, carrying with it the aroma of scrumptious food such as assam laksa with home-grown fish, lok-lok steamboat, flavorful char kuey teow with succulent shrimps and Ninja Joe’s juicy and infamous burgers. Excited children scurried to the game site playing ring tossing, cracker crushing and also turning the wheel of fortune. Teenagers also hurtled around a paintball tent, waiting eagerly for their turn to finally hit the bull’s eyes. Everyone buzzed with squeals of joy and laughter! And this is a picture of BCM (Bible College Malaysia) Day Food and Fun Fair on 1st of May, starting from 9 AM to 3 PM.


Long line at Pork Burger Booth

Char Kuey Teow Store

The crowd visiting the food booths parked at different areas


BCM was founded in 1960 to train national workers for the gospel. The first badge of students graduated in 1972, made out of four men and three women. The college emphasized holistic training for the purpose of full-time ministry.


Bible College Malaysia


An accredited college, BCM started to offer Bachelor of Theology program in 1982, a certificate of Biblical studies in 1986, and two graduate study programs including the Master of Ministry in 2004 and Master of Divinity in 2008. BCM also offered a missionary training program accredited by Global Training Ministries and Diploma in Counseling Studies accredited by Christian Heritage College and Malaysian Care.

“We have BCM day every year. This year, we wanted to have the food and fun fair so that more people can get involved and fellowship with one another. The fair is held for visitors to come to know about the ministry of BCM,” said Timothy Yee, organizer and president of the student council of BCM.


BCM Day Food and Fun Fair 2013


The vendors came from different churches, non-profit and business organizations who are willing to support BCM. Funds raised would be used to renovate their ‘dewan’ or auditorium.


‘Dewan’ or auditorium for the BCM

Timothy Yee setting up the tents

The organizing team setting up the tents


But even before the fair, it foresaw success as RM60,000 worth of coupon had already been sold before the BCM day. Although Timothy had a few struggles in preparing for BCM day, he saw them as opportunities to train in leadership, and mostly depend and trust in God.

“In March, there were not many stores which signed up but as we prayed, we have over 50 food and beverage stores, ten service stores such as hair cut and health check, and 12 game stores,” said Timothy. Last year, BCM had 40 stores participating.


Delicious burgers by one of the vendors!

Having fun with the wheel-of-fortune


“This morning, it was also drizzling but thanks to God, it happened after the launching ceremony. We prayed and after 20 minutes of drizzling, the sun came back,” he added.

A 22-year old passionate lad for God, he worked as a teacher at Calvary Education Resource Center before enrolling as a full-time student in BCM.

“I believe this is the time God has called me to do my theological studies. If you choose to honor Him, He will bring you closer to the purpose He has for you. Nothing else satisfies better than serving God,” said Timothy.


Children peering into the tarantula aquarium

This is the first year a paintball booth was set up in BCM day


What a beautiful picture of many members of Christ coming together as one body in Him!

“With God's help and the hard labor of the Staff and Faculty of BCM, Students, and the churches that supported us, BCM Day 2013 was a successful event,” said Timothy.

Indeed successful, an estimated amount of RM100,000 was raised for the school’s building fund which cost about RM500,000 to renovate the ‘dewan.’



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Reference for pictures:

Pictures were provided by Bible College Malaysia (BCM)



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