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15 Jan 2014-


Asian Beacon is a non-profit inter-denominational Christian magazine, established in 1969, to encourage readers towards a deeper walk in their faith and to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

With the rapid advancement in digital technology over recent years, Asian Beacon responded accordingly in order to remain relevant. In September 2013, they kick-started their digital strategy with the launch of two digital initiatives – an electronic version of the magazine through an e-publication platform and a freshly revamped website.


Asian Beacon website
Asian Beacon website


Through the use of electronic media, Asian Beacon has been made more accessible via different platforms in order to reach a wider spectrum of readers, without the restraint of borders or logistical challenges. Readers can now search three years of articles in their online archives, and they aim to have all 45 years of Asian Beacon content available online in the future.

Commencing January 2014, they will be distributing their bi-monthly printed magazine to all interested parties without any charge or subscription fee. In addition, there will be no advertisements in both the printed and digital versions of the magazine. They have decided to take this step after much prayer and deliberation, and in consultation with their church leaders and advisers.

Asian Beacon remains committed in being a full-fledged literature ministry in support of churches and Christian-based organisations to reach out and testify to God’s love and power in transforming lives, families and communities. The magazine is currently serving a readership of 15,000 across Asia, and they aspire to raise this figure to 50,000 with the rollout of our digital strategy.


Asian Beacon most recent magazine, which can be downloaded online
Asian Beacon most recent magazine, which can be downloaded online


As Asian Beacon moves into the digital arena, their goals have also expanded – they seek to be more than just a magazine. Their revamped website aims to be a central hub for Christian resources.

With the following services provided free of charge, they seek to be a collaborator among the Christian community.

  • E-Magazine Publication Platform: E-newsletter (Churches and Christian-based organisations), magazines, books and other Christian publications
  • Events: Listing of Christian seminars, conferences, workshops, camps, concerts, etc
  • Classified: Listing of services and needs
  • Vacancy: Job listings from Christian-based organisations


Events   Asian Beacon


They are very grateful to all their supporters, such as donors, subscribers, churches, advertisers and distributors, for their contribution and support to the Asian Beacon ministry over the past many years. They are also thankful to their advisers for their godly counsel and encouragement in our new direction.

From 2014 onwards, with their new direction for the ministry, they look forward to the continuing partnership of their supporters to bring this ministry to greater heights in serving the Christian community.


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