Apostolic Prophetic Rally Sarawak

11 May 2013  by Donna CM –


SIB Hosanna in Sibu will be hosting the Apostolic Prophetic (AP) Rally 8 at the Kingwood Hotel from May 30 to June 1, 2013. The theme this year is Dominion over Seven Mountains, Financial breakthrough, marketplace and family. Senior ministers from EagleNet Ministries, Greg and Julie Bailey will be speaking at the conference.


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Pastor Hii Mee Yieng, SIB Hosanna, Sibu


“The aim of the rally is to teach and make this movement known to churches. We want to impart the anointing of apostolic and prophetic to churches,” said SIB Hosanna senior pastor Hii Mee Yieng. Ps Hii was in Kuching for a short visit. She graciously took time to sit and talk about the conference just before her flight back to Sibu.

“We are expecting around 1200 to 1400 people, based on the past conferences,” she said. The conference is held during the Gawai holidays annually, from the end of May to early June. “Every year we hold three conferences, and the biggest in June.”

“Actually, we align SIB Hosanna with Christian International Florida under Dr Bill Hamon. They trained us for the past 10 years, guide us and recommend right speakers for us,” she said about speakers Greg and Julie Bailey, international directors of Christian International in Australia and New Zealand. SIB Hosanna is also aligned with Global Charles Pierce Center. “We also get speakers from there.”


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“We trust when the Lord moved the church from traditional to charismatic to the apostolic and prophetic, which leads to transformation in the market place,” Ps Hii continued, saying the apostolic and prophetic happen when the Lord’s shifts the church to different levels.

“In an apostolic and prophetic, the Lord change the way we do church. Our worship is AP worship and our prayers are AP prayers,” she said, just like the traditional is different from charismatic. “Our worship, prayers and seminars are all different.”

In the prophetic, we are training the people. We are restoring people back to hear from God, she said. It’s a restoring movement to hear the Lord anytime, anywhere. Throughout history, in the dark ages bible truths are lost. The devil sidetracked us. One is that ordinary Christians cannot hear from God; only by fasting and praying, that is the deception of the devil.

“When we worship we hear from the Lord,” she said, where prophetic worship is not choosing the songs in advance. Prophetic movement is back to hearing the voice of the Lord. The speakers will prophesy to first timers as well as personal prophesy. They will always release prophesies to the congregation, people, town and more.

In the apostolic, the Lord is restoring the authority of the church. “We know we have the authority but we are not functioning,” she explained.  It helps the church reclaim back the authority. “Apostolic is authority and power of the Lord.”


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In apostolic prayers, we do declaration and proclamation. Apostolic also means sending out. The purpose is to send out the believers to the market place, that’s the main thing about the apostolic movement. “The old mindset is when you do missions; it’s up to the pastors. Now by restoring the apostolic movement, we’re activating the church to be sent out to the market place and transform. AP is closely linked to transformation. “If we are activated with the voice of God, believers have more faith.”

With prophetic authority, believers will bless the market place because they are activated to hear the voice of God. Believers can pray for breakthrough without using pastors.  They are now pastors of the market place.

“We want to activate all the believers. We don’t just train for you to go back and sit down,” Ps Hii said. When we are activated, we rekindle the fire. We can conquer the seven mountains according to the calling. Each believer has different anointing and calling.

The Lord is giving them weapons, saying you can do it. One is, “hear my voice,” know your needs; and two, authority for breakthrough.

“The AP movement is a powerful weapon to transform. Otherwise, we feel very helpless,” she ended. Ps Hii Mee Yieng has been with SIB Hosanna since 1986. She is now a senior pastor with the church.

The Apostolic Prophetic (AP) Rally conferences saw many from East Malaysia, including Sabah, West Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia.

The conference will be held at the Kingwood Hotel from May 30 to June 1, 2013. For information and registration, email ap.rally@sibhosanna.com, call +6084-337 092 or fax +6084 334 622. You can also download the registration form at http://sibhosannachurch.blogspot.com/


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  1. Dear Pastor Hii

    Great Grace to you and Sarawak forever. I viewed your news of the Apostolic Prophetic Rally and wanted to congratulate you for stepping boldly into the Apostolic furture. I met Greg Bailey years ago and Pastor have the right man in him. I have been in this ministry for over 30 years over 45 nations and spend much time in Europe..NOW at last I Seer a mighty rushing tide heading YOUR way and spreading all over the nations including Australia. Enjoy His Goodness Pastor Hii you deserve it.

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