The Amazing ‘R’ Station

31 Jan 2013 by Mindy Oon-


The Amazing ‘R’ Station is a newly opened Christian book shop cum reading center in Kampar, Perak. Founded by Vera Khor from Kampar Gospel Hall, the bookshop aims to encourage people to read. According to Khor, “I was very blessed by reading books when I was younger, and I grew spiritually through reading books.” Khor, a missionary who served in the Philippines for more than 20 years said she was praying with a few friends when the question of what she wanted to do when she retired arose. It was then that the idea of a cosy little place with books to read and coffee to relax came.


The cosy little station


While the idea was a nice one, it was the Lord who fully provided for the place. With free rental for the shop lot, sponsored renovation and a gift of ten thousand Singapore dollars, God provided the finance that was necessary to get the place going. Not only did the Lord provide the finance, He also divinely connected the correct people. Khor said, “God provided the people with the correct expertise to help. He brought the correct people at the correct time.”

As for the name of the place, Khor said  “I got the word Amazing when I was singing the hymn Amazing Grace. And since it’s not really a café, I decided that it would be best called a station. And the letter ‘R’ can be so many things – Relax, read, refresh, restore. It is my hope that people who do not know God will encounter Him when they come here. And for those who already know Him, I hope that they will know Him deeper. Also, we would love to help connect the people here to missions.”


Books that you can buy or borrow


One difference between the Amazing ‘R’ Station and other Christian bookstores is that its books  can be borrowed. While sustaining itself by selling Christian books, the Station gives readers the chance to borrow books when they apply for membership. Membership fees are RM40 for adults and RM20 for students yearly.

“I had an idea, but it is the Lord who shaped it and brought it to pass”, said a smiling Khor, who was warm and welcoming to the many who dropped by the station. Indeed, in Proverbs 16v9, the Word of God says, ‘In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps’.

For more information on the Amazing ‘R’ Station, email them at or look for amazingrstation on facebook.


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  1. Hi Mindy,

    I am blessed by your visit. Thank you too for such a positive write up. You really got the gist of what the whole ministry is about. Do drop by again.


  2. Congratulations, Vera! It looks like a great place. May God richly bless your endeavors via Amazing R Station and may all who come in to browse or buy, be blessed! Love, Ena

  3. Vera, congratulatons! Eventually, the Amazing R station came into fruition. We will continue to pray that this station will be a drinking station for many … to drink from the living water that never runs quick and the living water that quenches every kind of thirst in the world. Btw, I saw my books been on display. Thanks!

  4. Happy New Year, Khor Lee Kee!

    What a marvelous idea! Maybe someday you can set up a Reading Corner at the Amazing R Station where someone reads a story to a group of children once a week or so with different age groups. You Go Girl!

  5. PTL for His works continue in the pure and delightful heart of His handmaiden-Khor. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your service unto the Lord.  May those who are wreary and tired who visits Amazing R Station, meet Jesus and be refreshed and empowered as they meet you and the books they read.

  6. congratulations. so many changes and wonders!Such a marvelous idea! May our Lord will keep it and bring more and more people to Him through it!

  7. Happy CNY Vera, I am so glad to know God is leading you a new direction which is of your heart desire; yet at the same time it brings delight to Him as well. Indeed how we God's children need a 'R' station and you got it, bless you and may the Lord prosper you whatever you do. If ever you come to Singapore, please contact me k? I hope to meet up with you again.

  8. Hi Vera,

    So happy to hear about the Amazing R Station.  We were sorry not to be able to see you or visit the shop.  Much success in future days.  Mary Alice and Jim

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