Aenie… It is I, Jesus who Met you

How Aenie Wong (王淑君) knew Jesus show us the creativity and endless possibility we have with our God. Tall, beautiful and elegant Aenie Wong was crowned as Miss Malaysia Asia Pacific 2005 and starred in multiple movies and dramas, the most recent one were “Law of Attraction” and “The Game”.



When she was a young girl, God appeared to Aenie through a dream; a dream so vivid that even to this day, she could mentally paint a picture of it in detail.

The dream started with her watching a huge tsunami coming towards her and swept her away to an ocean. Suddenly, she found herself bobbing up and down with the other flood ruins. Not knowing how to swim, she helplessly took in large gulps of water as she struggled to keep afloat.

She thought, “who can save me in this hour?” when out of the blue, she noticed a white figure akin to a solid rock, in front of her. She knew that it was her only hope to safety.



Lunging herself across the water while taking in large gulps, she took one final leap before clinging to the white figure for her dear life. An overwhelming sense of peace and comfort, unknown in this world embraced her. She looked up and saw a white statue that looked like a bearded man.

As she grew up into a teenager, she had a difficult time with her family problems. Hence, having no grown-up adults to talk to, she contacted the pastor of her friend’s church. Her friend had been inviting her to her Sunday school since she was young. The pastor went the extra mile, visiting and even staying with her till midnight. But still, she did not feel well. So, before the pastor left, the pastor prayed for her and again, a familiar feeling engulfed her once more.



“Where did this feeling come from?” Aenie asked. “I realized that this is the same feeling I had in that dream when I was younger!”

At that moment, she realized that the bearded white statue was Jesus Christ himself, who made himself visible to her in the dream.

“God is so real to me!” exclaimed Aenie who accepted Jesus Christ after that incident.



She attended church after that through her teenage years to young adulthood. But when she entered the entertainment business, slowly she started to spend less time with God. One day as she prayed, she suddenly recalled the pastor who was so kind to accompany and introduce Christ to her. She wondered if she could meet her to thank her personally.

Six months down the road, while she was in an autograph session, she met Pastor Joeann from Starpark who wanted to introduce a Christian fellowship for Malaysian artiste to her.



When Joeann introduced her name, a fire flicked in Aenie’s memory. This lady was the same pastor who came to pray for her when she was a little girl. She was the one who introduced her to Christ!

“I was so shocked that God was so real in responding to my prayer! My whole body numbed! I asked Joeann, Pastor, do you remember the little girl whom you accompanied the whole day and prayed for?” said Aenie.

Not even blinking, Joeann was stunned as well and exclaimed, “You’ve grown so big! And you look so different!”



What are the odds of two people, separated from each other for umpteenth years after a brief encounter, would meet again in the same industry and remember each other? That is what I call as a divine appointment.

Now, Aenie is growing her faith in Christ under the wings of Starpark, led by Pastor Joeann. Starpark is a Christian fellowship for local artistes to worship God together. What a beautiful story! Now, Aenie prays and depends on God every day for her career life!



God has a beautiful story for you too. Would you like to walk with him today, tomorrow and the rest of your lives? Amen to God’s divine appointments for us too. May His name be glorified forever!


For more information about Aenie, please visit:王淑君/109433282424909


Note: All pictures excluding the picture taken from ntv7 website, are adapted from Aenie Wong’s Facebook Fan page:王淑君/109433282424909





  1. Hi Aenie, 

    Thanks for your testimony.  I too found Jesus while having some difficulty in my teenage years.  Now, I want to share my faith with other Malaysians too.  I hope you can come up with a simple video on your testimony.  Please watch and share my video with your friends.

    Thanks your. 


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