Advanced and Fired Up: School of Acts Graduation Night 2015


For the past 21 years, the School of Acts has equipped Soldiers for Christ. Its course and syllabus are well-known world-wide, and students come to the school from as far abroad as India and Japan. Students of TSoA do not just go through theoretical lessons within classrooms, but actual practical opportunities of guided mission work and preaching. The aim is that by the end of each academic year, students will be fully equipped as God’s Army in today’s world.  

Recently, a new batch of students, the class of 2015, graduated from the School of Acts, taking on the vision ‘Advanced and Fired Up’ for Christ, in an event held at J W Marriott Kuala Lumpur.





In a formal address to the congregation and the Class of 2015, Pr Raymond Mooi shared that the days of today and the days of yesteryear are vastly different. In the days of the past, the distance between nations and even within a single country was vast. Today, we are connected like never before.

In such a place and time with such great potential to share the Gospel, it is the Christian’s duty and dispensation to share to the world the Good News about Christ. Through social media, we are connected like never before. There is no such thing as isolated pockets any more and every brother and sister in Christ all over the world are connected as one big family.


Pr Raymond Mooi sharing his message.
Pr Raymond Mooi during worship session.


This is Christ’s vision, that no matter where we are, as children of God, we are called to advance and be fired up for God. Pr Raymond conveyed that the class of 2015 has taken this vision to heart and very seriously. He further gave thanks to the supportive family members and friends of the graduates that have made it possible for them to graduate on the day.

As the class of 2015 marched in to wishes of congratulations and ovation, two students shared their testimony. Sister Lim Rue-Hann, as representative graduate from Malaysia, shared that she made the decision to enroll in the school’s programme at the lowest point of her life, and that the time in the School of Acts has brought new-found meaning and purpose to her life again.


TSoA’s Class of 2015 marching in.
Sister Lim Rue-Hann sharing her testimony.


Brother Justin John from India shared that TSOA has been like a spiritual service station where Father God repaired, restored and refreshed him through the leadership, love, and concern of His people, the staff and teachers at TSOA.  Though he had to experience a personal family tragedy towards the end of his course, it was his identity in Christ that kept him strong and able to complete the course and be a fighter for Christ.        

Pr Tsugumichi Ohkawa, the senior pastor of Yamato Calvary Church, one of the largest churches in Eastern Japan, shared a message of greeting. He shared that in today’s world, there are plenty of challenges for Christians. The School of Acts’ Class of 2015 has taken the call of bearing the cross of Christ, but there will be further challenge on the road of discipleship.


Pr Tsugumichi Ohkawa sharing his message of greeting with the help of interpreter.
Fred Seaward, one of the teachers of TSoA.


On such a road, it is extremely important that we stay focused on Jesus.  When we are sick or when we pray for the sick, we must see Jesus the Healer. When we see the broken people of the world or when we feel broken, we must see Jesus the Redeemer.

When we are hungry or when we feed the poor, we must see the Jesus that fed 5000 people with two loaves of bread and 5 fishes. When we see people hurting and being subjugated in parts of the world, we must see the compassion of Jesus. As Christians, we must never lose sight of Jesus and the hope we have through Him.


Pr Raymond Mooi presenting the TSoA graduates of 2015.


In total, 47 students from 7 countries graduated this year. The countries represented by the TSOA’s Class of 2015 are Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Japan, Nigeria, and Canada.  


NOTE: All pictures kindly contributed by The School of Acts.


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