Accelerated Christian Education’s School of Tomorrow Program–Grace Community Centre, Sungai Petani, Kedah

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31 Oct 2014-


It was not in the plan when Reverend John Kirby, checked into his local church’s Bible School in Petaling Jaya to graduate and start a whole new work of ministry, especially in a town he never even heard of. With a promising future to be an assistant pastor of a sizable and growing church in the hometown he grew up in, it was not an easy decision to make, and it seemed even harder for his then, wife-to-be, Esther and his own senior pastor.

Being told it was a “dark place” and it was going to be challenging, Reverend John felt that it would be as challenging as anywhere when it came to doing the Lord’s work. However, miraculous signs of confirmation began to show one after the other, and at the beginning of 1995, both Rev John and Esther made their way up to the north.

They started their first church meeting on a Good Friday, April 14th to be exact, in their home, which eventually had people come into a packed hall of a single floor linked-house. But the bigger group that started to grow was the one with just children coming in on Saturday mornings, which led them to move the work into a shop lot, where they continued their adult and children services.


Ref: britishcouncil
Ref: britishcouncil


In 2000, the Lord led them to begin a Christian academic school using the Accelerated Christian Education’s School of Tomorrow Program, the world’s leading self-instructional academic curriculum from the United States, and with that came another miraculous wonder of just obeying God in starting a school of this sort in a small town, which did not seem to prioritise the English language.

Grace Learning Centre was officially established as a church school in 2001 and has been a blessing to many kinds of students, ranging from fast paced to moderate and even slow and special learners.

With the years of experience in pastoral care, children, youth ministry, and counselling and management of a church school, the Lord continues to use Reverend John and Esther in ministry to young people and assisting other schools in Malaysia to run effectively with a growing passion to reach the world, one child and one family at a time.


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