A Songstress after God’s Heart – Elizabeth Swan (Tan)

Elizabeth Swan
Elizabeth Swan

Elizabeth Swan (Tan), a songstress who never dreamt of becoming a singer, found herself in the limelight after she posted a YouTube video of her rendition of ‘Havoc.’

“God seems to be using this talent of singing in me for a goal that I cannot see. But I am just trusting Him and really going with the flow,” said Elizabeth whose dream was to become an actress.

Since ‘Havoc’, she continued to perform more songs in YouTube, reaching over 120,000 subscribers over a year. She was also nominated for the most popular New Artist in Malaysia, in conjunction with the annual Anugerah Bintang Popular 2014.

One of her earliest memories of singing was in church, where she recalled feeling “extremely nervous.” But this experience has helped to build her confidence of singing onstage.


Elizabeth Swan singing
Elizabeth Swan singing


“It truly is such an honour to be used by God like that. Just by letting Him minister us, He ministers others through us,” said Elizabeth, recalling how a few people were touched by her singing in the house of prayer in the Bible College she attended.

Growing up, she also looked up up to her older sister who used to sing onstage, even recording her own Christian album at 21 years old. Besides her sister, Steffany Frizzell-Gretzinger from Bethel Music, also inspired her.

“Steffany’s songs spoke to me so much when I was going through a phase of feeling really lost, confused, and hurt. She writes her songs from her heart and sings them straight to God every time. That has truly been an inspiration to me,” said Elizabeth.

Looking back, Elizabeth could see how God has already prepared her since her college days, when she heard and obeyed God to go to a Bible college.

“Going to the Bible College is such a good preparation for me and it forced me to grow up in so many ways.


Elizabeth Swan
Elizabeth Swan


“It taught me so many things and the time there with God has really shaped me into who I am today, through the classes, through the people, and through the whole experience of being away from home and everything that was familiar,” said Elizabeth.

She attributed all her success to God and her prayerful parents who constantly covered her with prayers.

“It’s definitely God’s grace and favour for all the success I have today. As cliché as that may sound, it is only the truth. I don’t want to believe that I am more blessed or loved than others because that is not true.

“However, I do believe that I’m called for something though I’m still figuring out what my purpose is for such a time like this. Just like Esther, I will be placed in a specific place and time to be used by God,” said Elizabeth.

In handling popularity and attention, Elizabeth is vigilant in keeping herself grounded in her values.


Elizabeth performing onstage
Elizabeth performing onstage


“I try not to think about popularity too much. If I find myself checking my social media way too often, I will sometimes delete the App from my phone for a while to make sure it doesn’t get to me,” said Elizabeth.

Apart from surrounding herself with good and healthy friendships, she stays grounded by keeping a continual relationship with God, by talking to Him throughout the day.

“Before every show, I will say a prayer to commit the show to Him. Even through the busiest of days, I will make sure I set aside time to pray before I head to bed.

“It’s only because of Him, I am here. So, I really need Him to guide my steps as I myself am not sure where this path is taking me,” said Elizabeth.

Although she felt out of place and uncomfortable at times to be in the entertainment industry, she knew that God has a purpose for her.

“My friend once mentioned that God would put us through things that we cannot handle, so that we will have no choice but to rely on Him. That is where we practice our faith.

“And truly, that is my life every day. I am finding my steps only after I have taken them, so I always make sure that my relationship with God is strong, so that I would not wander off,” said Elizabeth.


Elizabeth Swan
Elizabeth Swan


A songstress after God’s heart, Elizabeth thought of beauty, as an intricate masterpiece consisting of many factors beyond looks alone.

“I feel that a woman of beauty is someone who respects, loves, and accepts herself, and also the people around her. It requires a core of sincerity and a glow that is infectious. That is beauty to me,” said Elizabeth.

Finally, if we are faithful to God’s ways, He will surely lift us up one day. The trials and troubles you have today are only preparations for His bigger plan in the future. God loves you.


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