A Night of Extravagant Worship with Paul Wilbur: 10th of December 2016, Grace Convention Centre


When you attend a Paul Wilbur concert, you know you are in for an extraordinary experience of deep worship. Far more than just a musical concert, Paul’s events are in themselves revival and evangelical meetings as well. Two years ago, Malaysian Christians were led by him in a memorable event suffused by a resilient faith. On the night of the 10th of December, we were again given a night of extravagant worship together with the anointed worship leader.



‘We know that these are the days that God is calling His people back unto Him; both Jews and Gentiles alike. This is the time of history where we are celebrating the King of Kings,’ he expressed.

‘2000 years ago, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach came as the Lamb who took away the sins but when He comes this time, He’s going to come as the Lion of Judah. His glory is forever and forever and forever. Blessed are those who come in the Name of the Lord,’ Paul conveyed as he opened with the welcome anthem ‘Baruch Haba Blessed Is He Who Comes.’



Many of Wilbur’s songs are well-known for their prophetic character. In particular, they are celebrations of God’s sovereignty. “Song of Ezekiel’ is an anthem of spiritual warfare as is ‘Days of Elijah’; calls to raise congregations of worshippers amidst days of great trials and temptations and dryness and seeming-deadness. 

Indeed the night of worship was also one of healing and restoration. ‘The Lord inhabits the praises of His people. He only needs to arise and His enemies will scatter.’ A proclamation of promise was made through the song ‘Let Go Arise’.



‘We thank you Lord that you chose to come and already in the midst of us. You declared in your word that through Your stripes we are healed. You counselled us to pray for one another so that we may be whole. Pain, disease, and depression, you have no place in God’s people. We command you to go,’ Paul declared as he prayed for the sick and hurting in the congregation.

As the sound of the shofar blew, the prayers were sealed in God’s name. ‘It is the sound of resurrection. And it is this sound that will be heard in Heaven before Jesus returns and as restoration comes in the presence of the King. There is healing in the presence of the King,’ he affirmed, referring to the day when the sound of the shofar would usher in the day of renewal and restitution.



The night was filled with many memorable and landmark songs. In ‘Adonai’, there is a declaration that every eye will see His glory fill the sky, and every tongue will cry out Adonai and sing praises to Him. ‘Let the Weigh of Your Glory Fall’ is a stately invitation to the King of Kings, in celebration of His glory.

But Paul also introduced many songs that were newly-composed within the last year, compiled in his new album ‘Forever Good’. Many of the songs were based scripturally on the promises found in the Book of Psalms.

In the titular song ‘Forever Good’, an affirmation is made of God’s enduring goodness. ‘The Shadow of the El Shaddai’ is a tender and majestic song immersed in the security and peace that God’s children are able to find in their dependence on an Almighty God, hugely inspired by Palm 91. ‘Call on the Name’ is another rallying call and reminder to put our trust in the Name of the Lord. 



While the new songs were overall more contemplative ones and the atmosphere an overall more placid one, the night itself was a huge declaration of the security Christ’s children are able to find within the covering of a loving and almighty God. Like the night of worship two years ago, the worship was spontaneous and unregimented, people sang to the Lord from the depths of their hearts, there was a real sense of freedom in those hearts, and many people returned to the Lord that night.


NOTE: All photos were kindly provided by Grace Convention Center and is property of Grace Convention Center.


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