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Life is all about being a blessing to those around us. This has always been something that Ps Justin and Ps Jacquie Ryan have believed in all their life. As full time missionaries who founded ONE VOICE MINISTRIES in 2008, they have always sought for creative ways to bring the Word of God to people. Most of us recall how meaningful a letter or a short note is when it inspires or encourages us. It touches our lives in more ways than one.



This is the reason why they started off GALILEE GIFTS. The whole purpose is to bring the Word of God to people in creative ways and support missions. It does not have be only in a book or CD. They are many ways to plant the seed from a new believer to a growing Christian.  GALILEE GIFTS, which is an online gift store, is all about bringing the Word of God in different ways to different people from men, to women, to children and families. The proceeds from the sales of all the items goes toward helping them carry out their work in the mission field. It’s easy and convenient. All you need to do is choose the items you like, bank in the payment and you could either pick it up or it can be delivered to your door step.



Their aim is to create unique gifts that may not be found easily. Although it takes time for them to create, package and name all their products individually, they say it is worth the effort because their desire is to see lives changed and blessed by the Word of God. Proverbs 11:25 says “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” What better way to refresh others than with the Word creatively.

Some of the top sellers especially during this season of Christmas is the Weekly Wisdom. A product created by them that comes with an easel and scriptural cards to last a whole year. Another top seller is the Mountain Movers product line. The purpose of this gift is to inspire people to pray daily for various areas of their lives.


The Weekly Wisdom


They have Mountain Movers for Him, Her, Kids and Family. It acts as a great gift even for couples! This is where a couple would purchase the Mountain Movers for Him and Her and then have each pray for their spouse. The husband would keep the Mountain Movers for Her and pray for his wife daily and vice versa. With each prayer item on the card, it also come with a Biblical promise to confess into your life. This type of prayer will surely bring breakthroughs in each other’s life. GALILEE GIFTS also has gift hampers and floral decoration. They also do custom made door gifts for all events.


Mountain Movers.


Their message to people out there is that Galilee Gifts is twofold. By purchasing the items you have the opportunity to plant the seed of God’s Word in others. At the same time with every purchase, you will be sowing into the mission field and touching countless lives around the world. The product range will continue to expand in 2018 with a larger and more unique selection of Kitchen Ware and Home Deco gifts among others.











To find out how you can bless someone and plant the seed into God’s Kingdom at the same time, visit Galilee Gift’s webstore at https://www.galileegifts.net/


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