Back from Heaven and Hell

October 25, 2013 Lim Poh Ann 0

  Two men share about their supernatural experiences in heaven and hell. I was having lunch with a friend recently. Somehow we strayed into the moribund subject of death. I asked him, “Have you ever […]

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Trip to Hell- Philip Mantofa

September 20, 2013 cm-admin 4

Rev Philip Mantofa graced FGA KL on 14th September with a powerful revelation of his trip to hell. More than 5000 people gathered into the main auditorium and five overflow rooms to listen to Rev […]


June 10, 2013 cm-admin 0

10 June 2013 by Adeline Lum CM-   令人期待的神大能医治布道会今年又卷土重来了!在过去的6月6日至8日,以腓力曼都法牧师及周巽光牧师为主要讲员的医治布道会已在武吉加里尔体育馆(Bukit Jalil Stadium)举行。 尽管6月7日的神大能医治布道晚会下着大约一个小时的雨,然而超过7500人仍然穿着雨衣及撑着伞出席,同时也有将近2000人透过网上直播观看这场盛事。