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Money: Servant Or Idol?

October 1, 2015 Lim Poh Ann 0

  A Facebook friend shared that Christians should have a more positive view of wealth since we certainly need financial resources to do God’s work, whether it is to feed the poor or build orphanages […]

Money : Root Of All Evil ?

October 26, 2012 cm-admin 0

26th Oct 2012. By Dr Lim Poh Ann – Is money the root of all evil? Or is it the love or the lack of money which drives people to commit all kinds of evil? […]

Goal Setting for an Abundant Life

October 3, 2012 cm-admin 0

3rd Oct 2012, by Donna Uning, CM  –   St. Faith’s Youth and Bethany Ministries organized a seminar on “Goal Setting for an Abundant Life” at St. Faith’s Church, Parish Centre, on Saturday, here in […]