Speak Life!

February 18, 2014 cm-admin 1

18 Feb 2014 by Mindy Oon CM –    We may not realize it, but the words we speak set the course for our life. If you want to know what you will be like […]

Love Your Neighbor

January 1, 2014 cm-admin 0

1 Jan 2014 by Mindy Oon CM –    For the past few months, Infuse Youth (FGA Ipoh) have been learning the fundamentals of how to ‘Love Your Neighbor’. Whether it is to say a […]

Bringing Ipoh Together Through Music

December 10, 2013 cm-admin 0

10 Dec 2013 by Mindy Oon CM –    Churches in Ipoh were brought together recently through two worship events – the Global Day of Worship, and Bob Fitt’s worship concert.     Held simultaneously […]


August 24, 2013 cm-admin 0

23 Aug 2013 by Mindy Oon CM-   很多时候,当我们听见“见证”这个词时,我们都会想自己并没有可以分享的,因为在我们生命中并没有经历过那些非常神奇的“生命见证”,例如神从死亡的边缘救回我们的生命等。虽然这些见证的确让人都知道上帝的信实和美好,然而一些简短的见证(如下)也能感动人心。神对我们生命中的各个层面都感兴趣,甚至一句从神儿来简单的话语或是感动,都足以改变一个人的一生。

Psalmist Generation Conference

June 5, 2013 cm-admin 0

5 June 2013 by Mindy Oon CM-   OPTIMIZED, 2013 Psalmist Generation worship conference will be held on the 6 to the 8 of June 2013. Organized by the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia this […]

Overcome Fear with Faith!

May 31, 2013 cm-admin 0

31 May 2013 by Mindy Oon CM-   We all face fears. Each one of us have experienced fears in our lives. While we might think that we are alone in facing these fears, we […]

He is My Healer

May 30, 2013 cm-admin 1

30 May 2013  by Mindy Oon CM-   God indeed is our healer, He healed people in the Bible and He heals people today. Below are three healing testimonies from Pamela Loh, her husband Chang and her son, James. Please […]

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