God and Nature

March 1, 2018 Jason Law 0

  A storm, a wind, a mild breeze Denotes God’s very existence. Seed ruptures, grow into tall trees Are nature’s own representatives.     Live and spread aroma like  plants By the rivers merrily, free […]

God ‘s Glory

February 15, 2018 Jason Law 0

  As our praises rise above God’ s Glory glides below. With Him always there are All things excellence par!! Glance into wells of water Clear skies are seen above.     He creates all […]

You are Light

June 24, 2017 Annaz Gold 0

  Omnipresence is Lord  God Almighty. He saw darkness, said with authority ‘Let there be Light.’ And the sun arose. Then the universe formed like a rose Like petals endure God’ s commands, And all […]

His Creations

January 17, 2017 Annaz Gold 0

  Honour our parents, love our brothers Do unto us as we say or act to others. His Creations we are, He is Emmanuel. In His Kingdom we are sure to dwell. Der Preis von […]

My Lord

December 9, 2016 Annaz Gold 0

  God when You made the Beginning Of  this world , Your Word becoming The Light in the then dark atmosphere Made all other features like seas , trees     And finally Man , […]


January 26, 2014 cm-admin 1

26 Jan 2014 by Tt Yeo –     When we seek to know something about Creation in Scripture, there are inadvertently heated discussions about time and the Genesis account. People seem to take sides […]

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