A Gathering of Gideons

October 14, 2017 Jason Law 0

  If you have stayed in a hotel before, and happen to find a pocket-sized book or a Holy Bible in the drawer, chances are you have found a Gideon Bible placed by one of […]

In the Quiet..

October 6, 2017 Suzane Avadiar 0

  AND HE WALKED WITH GOD…   If Enoch had a tombstone, it would probably state just those five words and yet, it would tell us more than enough…   Enoch walked with God; this […]


July 23, 2017 Dr Lim Poh Ann 1

  Are we prepared for the greatest wedding feast of all?     Metaphors and imagery are being used in the Bible to portray man’s relationship with God. For example, we are like sheep to […]