God Centred Evangelism

July 13, 2014 cm-admin 0

13 July 2014 by Kim Yung CM-   God speaks to us through a community and there is a need for all of us to minister to one another because Christ understands our temptations. “We […]

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My Broken Heart

July 12, 2014 cm-admin 0

12 July 2014 by Adeliyn Lim-   “He stole my heart and shattered it.” “She took with her a piece of my heart.” “I gave her my heart and got it back in shards.”   […]

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Love is the Answer

July 12, 2014 cm-admin 1

12 July 2014 by Mindy Oon CM-   The word ‘love’ has come to mean a lot of things. Some people refer to a feeling, a theory, or a nice word when they say ‘love’. Other […]

God wants you to have JOY!

July 11, 2014 cm-admin 0

11 July 2014 by Adeline Lum CM –   It doesn’t take one long to realize that believing in Christ does not guarantee a smooth ride in this life. But Jesus told us before that […]


July 11, 2014 cm-admin 0

11 July 2014 –    聖經羅馬書上說,這福音本是神的大能,要救一切信的人。阿門 。 自小我的家中就充斥著各式各樣的偶像,並且從國中開始,經常與同伴們在外逞凶鬥狠,甚至想在身上刻下撒旦的印記!不過感謝神,每一次我都做不成這樣的糊塗事。並且在結婚以後,內心有一個聲音告訴我,為了家庭,一定要離開這樣的環境!

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Arise, Men of God!

July 11, 2014 cm-admin 0

11 July 2014-   With the theme “Let His Light Shine!,” Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship Malaysia looks forward to welcoming more than 600 participants at its bi-annual National Convention on 7-9 August 2014 at […]

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