But God, Why Me?

December 14, 2014 Jason Law 1

14 Dec 2014 by Lim Poh Ann –   Making Sense of Trials When believers go through trials and tribulations, it’s natural to ask God, “Why? Why does this have to happen to me?” Sometimes, […]

The Way of Love

December 13, 2014 Jason Law 0

13 Dec 2014 by Kim Yung CM –   Humans love, but they do not have it down to perfection. The faults in others are easily recognizable while the wrongs others have done to us […]

From left to right: Doreen Tang, Victor Chua, Tom Tan, and Josh Awang

The T4C and Doreen Tang Collaboration

December 11, 2014 Jason Law 0

11 Dec 2014 by Adeline Lum CM-   They are the voices that audiences at ballrooms and concert halls have been enjoying for the last eight years, treated to favourite inspirational and gospel tunes in […]

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