Church: An Antidote to Loneliness?

March 2, 2014 cm-admin 0

3 March 2014 –   I've often wondered why the studies show consistently that going to church lengthens your life and even the quality of your life. One time I had the privilege of interviewing […]

The Animals Are Dying

March 2, 2014 cm-admin 1

2 March 2014 by Rev Dr Steven Kau –   One of the most spectacular signs that we are in the very last days of the Age of Grace and that the Rapture of the […]

Purpose in Pain

March 1, 2014 cm-admin 0

1 March 2014 by Lim Poh Ann –   A successful professor bought a BMW for his son. But calamity struck. His son met with an accident while driving the car and perished. The professor’s […]

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