Don’t miss the Acts-perience!

28 Oct 2012, by Adeline Lum CM-


Tired and lazy on a Sunday morning, I lunged myself to Corus Hotel at Jalan Ampang for Act’s church service.

Act’s church is a charismatic ministry gifted in bringing children, teenagers, college students, and young working adults to the Lord.

At Corus Hotel, the service’s whereabouts was easy to find. Spot a good-looking usher in black suit holding an Act’s church signboard and you will find it. Stepping into the service, a wave of smart-looking men and women in black suits greeted me.



No longer tired, I was energized with the lively, upbeat and passionate worship. The songs were mostly quick and strong-beat contemporary genres. Everyone, college students and young working adults, was soaked in God’s presence.



After worship, bubbly Elderly Rosalind announced the success of Act’s event the past weeks.

Next, Pastor David Yeow engaged us with Caleb who believed that he would enter the Promised Land despite the intimidating giants living there.




And here are a few precious nuggets for this sermon (Joshua 3:1-4:24):

1.    85 years old is the new 40

Even at 85 years old, Caleb’s faith and strength was the same with his faith and strength at 40 years old. Thanks to his faith, Caleb was able to claim the Promised Land!

2.    Stop complaining, stay young

The Israelites forfeited themselves from the Promised Land because they complained against God. Stop complaining and like Caleb, you will find renewed strength of a youth in God.

3.    Be better, not bitter

Why do people react differently to the same painful or intimidating situation? Choose to be better than bitter.

4.    Fight complaining by following God whole-heartedly.

Have a child-like faith like Caleb to fight the complaining spirit.

5.    Change begets change

If you are complaining about someone, change yourself first, then let God change the other person.

Of course, these nuggets are just a glean from the whole sermon. Pastor David expanded each nugget humorously with many real-life anecdotes. So, do come and acts-perience the service your self!



You do not want to miss Act’s services every Sunday including:

  1. Acts Cyberjaya at 10 AM- Cyberview Lodge Resort
  2. Acts Ampang at 10:30 AM- Corus Hotel Jalan Ampang
  3. Acts PJ at 9:30 AM- PJ Live Arts Theatre, Jaya One
  4. Acts Nilai at 11 AM- Empress Hotel, Sepang
  5. Acts Central at 11 AM- Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre (SPCC), Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa Lagoon Ballroom or AYA Conference Centre, Summit Hotel USJ.
  6. Bahasa Service at 9:30 AM- AYA Conference Center, Summit Hotel, Level 2
  7. Mandarin Service at 9 AM- AYA Conference Center, Summit Hotel, Level 2

Note: Please remember to double-check for updated sermon times.


Act’s also provide transport if you need one! You can:

  1. Visit for more information.
  2. Call the church office at 03-5636-2147 (office hour only) and ask for Alex Martin.
  3. Email them at


For more information about Act’s Church, please visit: