Disciple without a Title

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Ref: ctayrroolne


God is doing something radical in Malaysia. He is raising the weak, the poor, the castigated full-time ministers, former mediums, former drug addicts, former gangsters, former crooks, former swindlers, former bankrupts, corporate failures, nerds, techies, doctors, salesmen, cooks, and many more to serve him by sharing the gospel in the most unorthodox ways.

God is raising up in these last days disciples that love Him and are after His heart. The heart of God is found in John 3:17, which says that the world will be saved through His Son. Those who are saved through His Son Jesus Christ are all part of His Kingdom. Those who are in His Kingdom, understands the Kingdom and are after His Heart. They crave to honour and glorify His Name. They look to Jesus constantly as their righteousness. They seek for God’s Kingdom first and HIS Righteousness, not their own righteousness because they humbly know that they can never make it on their own.


Ref: plausibletruths
Ref: plausibletruths


That is why young David is known as a man after God’s heart because he cared for his Kingdom and he cared for the Name of God to be honoured and glorified by every living person. He took the challenge against Goliath because he could not stand the contempt towards the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Yet, David had no titles and was a nobody when he took up the challenge.

And these disciples are everywhere proclaiming the goodness of God and giving our Lord Jesus all the glory and honour. You can easily recognise these disciples. They are serving the Lord in whatever capacity they are in, and they are tremendously influential and impactful. The only difference is that these disciples had no titles and is not seeking one.


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Ref: crossjover


They are not Pastors or Reverends. They are not Bishops or Rabbis. Neither are they Elders, Home Fellowship Leaders, Evangelists or Prophets. Most of them have never been to a Bible College before. Yet, they have more revelation than those who attend one. They know the Word of God in parts as they serve the Lord in their journey of faith. They have so much revelation and understanding that some of the message they shared are profound. They neither solicit funds nor get paid for the work they do except for some love offering they receive sporadically. They walk all by faith and not by sight. They depend and rest in the Lord, stretching their faith to the maximum until they hear God saying, “My Grace is sufficient for you.”


Ref: humble_man
Ref: humble_man


They do the work for the Lord as if they were a pastor – shepherding the lost, helping the poor, and praying for the sick in the hospital. They regularly join mission trips, paying for their own trips and God use them in a mighty way. They are not afraid and reluctant to give God the glory, and they praise the name of Jesus Christ in cafés, restaurants, and even the social media. You are probably thinking of someone while reading this.


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Ref: moodymedia


They are not funded by the church but use their own income and resources for the sake of the gospel. Their giving is not bound to only ten per cent to a particular church because they do not merely believe in one store house. But sometimes, they can give their whole monthly salary, sometimes even up to 50 per cent or 30 per cent or five per cent or none. They concern themselves not with how much to give, whether it should be before tax or after tax. They are constantly led by the Holy Spirit. The storehouse of the Lord today is unlike the day of the Prophet Malachi whereby God’s people were only one Jewish race and one nation, with one storehouse. Thus, Malachi said that the Jews have robbed God by not giving to the nation’s storehouse. Giving tithes is statutory as the Jews are bound by the Law and the prophets. If today, the Christians in Malaysia would learn to give as led by the Holy Spirit, I assure you that there would be not disparity of income and wealth in churches especially in Sabah and Sarawak. That is why some churches have so much wealth that they literally flaunt it. Yet, some churches are so poor that their pastors can barely make ends meet.


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Ref: devonbailey


Today, Christ has set us free as we live by grace. We are no longer bound by the law and the prophets. Jesus did not come to abolish the law but He came to fulfil it. And only He can fulfil it because He was born without sin, knew no sin, and did no sin. He died for us as a pleasing offering to God for the sake of our sin to be forgiven.

Therefore, rise up every one of you who read this! You can serve and glorify the name of Jesus Christ, the Name above all names, in any capacity of yours, wherever you are. Do your part and do not wait any longer. The devil wants to put you in cold storage with all his accuses and condemnation.

Yeshua Hamashiach, the Hebrew name of our Lord, said that he has set you free and you are free indeed (John 8:36).


Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant (Matthew 20:26)


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Ref: api.ning


A servant has no fancy title as the servant serves with only one intention. And that is to please his master.

In closing, allow me to pray this prayer:

“Father in heaven, Abba Elohim.

Honour be to your name. You are Adonai.

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is already done in heaven.

In Jesus Christ name. Amen!”


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  1. Those above reminds me of John 7:18
    No falsehood (no longer hate his brother) in the sense the joy of seeing others being set free. If you forgive (love overlooks offense), they are forgiven (set free). Just personal view.

  2. After revisiting what I wrote, the Lord has prompted me the need to add more clarity to things related to John 20:23 (yes I need to have clear thoughts too):

    1. We have heard at times, I can forgive but I cannot forget”.
    And we know what it could imply — holding back.

    2. What if we hold back?
    Forgiveness must be seen as debt cancellation (Mt 6:12). If we holdback forgiveness, the cancellation is not complete. If we release freely, then it is complete.

    3. Reap what we sow: It works both ways – double-edged sword, it involves us too.
    Mt 6:14 — He will also forgive you.

    Having done that, we can truly say (in truth and in Spirit): Forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who sin against us.

    4. Renewing our mind:
    * Sense of direction.
    Jn 6:29 (NLT) – “This is the only work God wants from you: Believe in the one he has sent.” In Jn 3:16, “believe” is the beginning of following Him, to do every good works. Labour of love. No other outstanding debt.

    * The promise and attitude (the truth that we arm ourselves and abide):
    “Do unto others what you want others want you to do you”.
    Which helps us to work out : “… love your neighbor as yourself. (Mt 19:19).

    5. Let us ask then:
    Change our heart oh God.
    Let us be ever true.
    Help us be true in forgiving.
    Let us be like you.

    Trust (that the other person is good) can be of great help in matters of forgiving. In the Spirit of love, power and sound mind, Paul goes to the extend: Why not be wronged, why not be…

    In all things, let us praise Him!

    Regards from a brother-in-Christ.

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