Revolution of Social Media. Join it or Miss it.

29 Jan 2013 by Adeline Lum-


Social media is bursting at its seams with tremendous growth every year… no, every day! Watch video below:



No longer six degrees of separation apart, we are now close to every person on earth by only three degrees according to a study done by a French mobile carrier. 



The question now is not whether we should use social media but how well we use it. 



And this coming 1-2 February, James Poulter, an expert in social media and an account director of one of the largest PR companies in the world (Edelman Digital) will be touching down in Malaysia to share with us his experience and skills in social media which won him many awards.


James Poulter


You don't want to miss this amazing learning experience for only RM10 per participant for "The Social Kingdom" and FREE for "Generation-M." Here are the details for the program:


1 Feb 2013 (Friday) 8-10 pm

The Social Kingdom: How We Got Here and Where We Are Going?

A look at social media through the eyes of the church, how social media has grown and how it is now changing the way we connect, learn and play. We will examine how our perspectives are changing and a result, both in how we see ourselves and the church, and what the social media revolution can tell us about who we are created to be in Christ.


For Youths and Young Adults

2 Feb 2013 (Saturday) 4-6 pm

Generation-M: The Dual Screen Church 

A look at how social media, mobile technology and gaming are changing the face of young adults in the 21st century as well as how gamification, tablets and mobile devices, and emerging social media platforms are changing the way young people see the world and themselves.


Organised by:

The New Covenant Church (TNCC)

1st Floor, Wisma TA,

No. 1A, Jalan SS20/1, Damansara Utama

Directions to TNCC:


Register by calling Su on 012-291-7020 or email her at




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