‘I am Home, Papa’- True Story of a Prodigal Son

16 March 2013 by Adeline Lum CM –    

This is a touching story told by David Mun, who was redeemed by an angel and given a second chance in life. Now, he in turn is redeeming lives of the unwanted and untouchables on the streets of Chow Kit, Petaling Street and PJ Old Town.

A real-life story of a prodigal son, David shared the remarkable story of a man who returned home after 20 years of staying under the inhumane heat and rain, in tattered clothes and hunger.

Six years ago, David roamed the streets with his team to deliver food in Styrofoam boxes to the people living at the street. A particular man caught his attention; he was squatting down alone and refusing to talk to anyone.


David Mun


“I told God… if this is the man you want me to touch, please make it today,” said David.

So, he approached the man and talked about Jesus only to be shooed or ignored week after week. And this lasted for a few weeks.

Perplexed, David asked God, “Why can’t he share the gospel?” And God gave him a dream one night where he saw five alphabets: T-O-P-I-C. A light bulb lit after consulting his pastor and he returned that same day to meet the man. The key is talk about topics that the man would be interested in.

“It was hard to start a conversation because I cannot talk about everyday life topics such as family, window-shopping, traffic jam or even life. Many of them feel low self-esteem with a lot of bitterness locked in them,” said David.



Returning to the same place with a plate of food, he told the man, “Don’t be afraid… I am here to help you. Last time, I was like you before. I was in prison because I was a drug trafficker. Were you imprisoned before?”

The man looked at him and said, “No…” to which David replied, “Then, you are more fortunate than me.”

So, the man started to open up and ask questions. David shared with him that he was the maker of a drug, which had already extinct in the market. That caught the man’s attention; his eyes flickered with excitement and placing his food down, he pleaded David for the drug’s recipe. But David replied, “I cannot teach you because I know Jesus.”

David later learned his name, which was Jeffrey Tan* and asked him, “Jeffrey, all these while, do you want to live a normal life?”

Opening up, Jeffrey answered, “I can’t, it is very hard to stop.”

“Jeffrey, if you give yourself a chance. And if you give God and I a chance, things will change. I will help you,” promised David leaving his business card with him. “When you’re ready to change, give me a call.”

Two months later at 10:25 pm, David’s phone and he heard a terrified voice panting at the other end, “I am Jeffrey… we met on the streets two months ago. Come and find me now!”



Only given directions of a general Chow Kit vicinity, David drove all the way from Puchong amidst a drizzle and rounded the streets a few times to look for Jeffrey. But Jeffrey was nowhere to be found! While David thought of giving up, he spotted an alley, which he had overlooked. And true enough; Jeffrey was seen cowering in the shadows of a large garbage bin, casted by the streetlight. David called out Jeffrey’s name. Turned out, Jeffrey was cornered for money and beaten. Hence, he hid beside a trash bin to protect himself.

“Jeffrey, are you serious about changing?” David asked.

“Yes, I am tired of this life,” said Jeffrey.

So, Jeffrey changed to a new set of dry clothes, and leapt into David’s car. While driving, David called Malaysian Care staffs to stand-by to receive Jeffrey. When they arrived, Jeffrey was interviewed and given a bowl of cooked noodle to eat.

“Jeffrey, you can stay here now. Everything is free- your lodging, food and medical care. If you’re sick, let them know, they would bring you see a doctor. But you must obey what they say,” said David.



And happily, Jeffrey stayed in Malaysian Care for seven months before he was offered a job position as a restaurant supervisor… but he declined! A concerned Malaysian Care staff called David to ask him to persuade Jeffrey in taking the job, but it was all in vain.

“I want to go home,” said Jeffrey and he wrote down the address of a high-end residential area to David who offered to drive Jeffrey home.

When they reached a huge house, a security guard greeted them and asked, “Encik, mana mau pergi?” to which Jeffrey answered, “Saya mau cari bapa.”

The security guard answered, “Saya punya tuan tak ada anak.” But after the security made a phone call, they were allowed in. And when Jeffrey got out of the car, David witnessed Jeffrey crawling on his all fours up the staircase and rang the bell.

The helper opened the door and asked Jeffrey, “Siapa mau cari?”, to which Jeffrey answered again, “Saya mau cari bapa.” The maid replied again, “Saya punya tuan tak ada anak.” But when Jeffrey was able to mention his father’s name, the maid allowed him in.

The house had a long burgundy carpet from the door right to the end of the house. At the end, a man was holding his newspaper up to read. Again, Jeffrey crawled on his all fours towards the man and grabbed his leg saying, “Papa, I am back.” The older man asked, “Jeffrey, is that you?” He immediately threw off his newspaper, and flung his arms on Jeffrey. Both of them sobbed loudly, before an older woman who turned out to be Jeffrey’s mother came and sobbed together as well.



Later, while Jeffrey went upstairs to clean up, his father told David that Jeffrey was his only son. When Jeffrey was 18 years old, his studies was so excellent that his father rewarded him with a brand new Toyota. But four days after owning it, Jeffrey sold it to buy drugs. His father shooed him out of the house in anger and Jeffrey was never heard or found ever since. Their advertisement to find for their son was in vain. And on that particular day, Jeffrey was 38 years old. That was why the security guard and maid did not know that the Master of the house has a son; Jeffrey left home two decades ago.

“How am I going to reward you?” asked Jeffrey’s father.

“My motive is to bring your son to you. I have no other intention. My reward is up there,” said David.

His father, perplexed with David’s answer looked up to the ceiling. When he heard about how David suffered on the streets, the old man broke into tears. So, David left the happy family. Close to a year has past since the family’s reconciliation and this time, David received a call from Jeffrey’s father.



“David, I want to let you know that on that day when you brought Jeffrey home, he was the only one going to church. But today, the whole family is going to church; even our helper is coming with us! All of our idols are returned to where it belongs. And today, I am telling you David, my son is taking over my empire. He is sitting on my desk and chair to sign checks for me,” said Jeffrey’s father.

What a remarkable story of the prodigal son. Today, if you met Jeffrey, you could hardly tell how he was back then and how he was today. If God can change Jeffrey, God can change you too. Jeffrey is now the CEO of an international company, reconciled with his family and whole in Jesus Christ. How about you? Our Father is asking, “My child… why don’t you come home?”



Note: *Jeffrey Tan is a made-up name done to protect the identity of this person. His story and identity are verified by David Mun. Today, *Jeffrey's company is overseas but he would return to Malaysia annually to celebrate the Christmas season with David as tradition. 


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  1. I work with a Drug and Alcoholic Clinic using Naltrexone implants to help addicts stop.  We are Christian based and I have seen miracles like this.  We still need prayer for miracles to help addicts change.  Thanks for sharing.  God bless

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