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The Chuas and Chongs in London
The Chuas and Chongs in London. Chua Wee Hian (first from left)

25 Feb 2015 by Tek and Goldie Chong-


Global outreach

Chua Wee Hian (Chua WH) is well-known in the Christian community in the East Asia countries. His 28 years of student ministry in the universities through his evangelistic meetings and Bible expository talks have yielded much lasting fruit. At age 31 when he was appointed to be the General Secretary of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), a prestigious position which no Asian had ever headed before, Stacey Woods, the outgoing General Secretary revealed to him the reason he was chosen: “You have a good track record in student ministry. You are from the East but educated in the West. Above all you have a godly and brilliant wife.” WH acknowledges that King Ling, his wife from Hong Kong, has always been his strong and faithful partner throughout his whole life and ministry.


Renewing friendship

Recently we met in London and stayed overnight in their home, having the most enjoyable and edifying time, renewing our friendship of almost 50 years. In 1971, they invited us to write a book with them. “Lovers for Life” was written from the Asian perspective of the biblical principles of marriage. This actually started our interest and passion in teaching godly marriage which we are still continuing till today, for which we are grateful to them.


Ref: kingdom-cc
Chua Wee Hian | Ref: kingdom-cc


New book

WH told us of another book he has written, which has just been released this month (February 2015) to be launched in Kuala Lumpur, called “Ever Blessing, Ever Blessed”. It is about his wife King Ling whom he credited, “I couldn’t have done what I did without her.”

King Ling has never regretted jettisoning an academic career (she holds a Ph.D in chemistry from London University) to serve God by supporting her husband. Often left on her own to handle things at home and to care for three young children, WH recalled the agony of having to travel so often because of his work.  Several times in leaving home with tears, his heart-rending cry to God was, “Lord, I am doing this for you and no one else” while thanking God for a wife who willingly and capably took up the responsibilities of ministering home affairs, so he could focus on his global ministry.  



God is no man’s debtor

What is most interesting is in her sacrifice to support her husband, God has honoured her and eventually enabled her to use all her gifts, training, and experiences. Being an excellent translator she has translated numerous works such as hymnals, devotionals, and books, from English to Chinese. Her pastoral gift as a mentor has produced a new generation of committed disciples. Her teaching gift has trained leaders in prayer, worship, and leading bible studies. Her writing gift has produced courses like study guides, manuals in deliverance, and inner healing.  In fact, what she has given up in her younger days, God has increased and multiplied in her later years. Like Moses, all the learning and education in Egypt which had been put aside in the desert was fully revived and utilized.



All her life King Ling has regarded her supportive role as a joyful and divine privilege. The fruit produced has proved that her choice was indeed led by God. All their three boys now love and serve the Lord in their own fields: Andrew in the marketplace, Daniel in academia, and Steven in the church. The Chua home has been and still is a model for countless people who enjoy their hospitality and mentoring, finding and receiving Jesus, and eventually setting up similar godly families.  


Her secret

From the time she became a Christian more than 50 years ago, King Ling till today still journals daily the precious truths she reads from God’s Word, allowing it to guide her and transform her character. When WH proposed marriage, anticipating a long anxious wait for the reply, she gave him the answer the next day. She explained that when she walks daily with God, there is no need to fast and pray but she can hear God very quickly.


Ref: globalmensgroup
Ref: globalmensgroup


More work yet

The Chuas recall several medical crises lately in which God’s hand was obviously in control, confirming that they still have more work to do for Him.  In 2006, King Ling suffered a leaking aneurysm. While leading a prayer meeting, she keeled over. Thinking she was slain by the Holy Spirit, the folks became alarmed when she didn’t get up. She was taken to a hospital, which had a rather poor reputation because of numerous surgical blotches and blunders. Unknown to them, this hospital had lately set up a top class neurology department with the latest state-of-the-art facilities. Needing a magnetic metal coil to be inserted, she was warned by the doctors that the statistics show that one-third of such patients would die, one-third would be paralyzed and remaining one-third will recover.  Having the best care, all arranged by her Heavenly Father, she recovered with no serious after-effects.  Then in 2008 again, it was God’s intervention that preserved her life. In UK, after-65-women will not be called for a regular mammogram anymore. But the law changed to extend it until 70 and that’s when a month before she turned 70, she was diagnosed with cancer of the breast and was treated on time.

WH also knows he still has work to do for the Father.  In 2001 while crossing the road standing on the median strip, he was knocked down by a hit-and-run driver.  He was in coma for eight days, with tubes all over. Recovered from this trauma, his broken leg now has a piece of metal inserted inside but he does not even limp. As in all the operations that they underwent, they did not need to pay a single penny.  All costs were met by the UK National Health Service which they saw as God’s wonderful provision.


Ref: staticflickr
Ref: staticflickr


The Chuas’ legacy

Needing to travel so much because of the nature of his ministry among the university students, the family is surprisingly close-knitted and caring of one another.  When not travelling in his young days, WH stayed home with the family resisting the joining of numerous committee meetings.  Once he was asked by his chairman, “How many days of annual holiday did you take?” He replied, “Six days”.  “That’s terrible!” his chairman declared, “you need at least two days to pack and unpack and it takes at least a few days to really relax; don’t ever take six days holiday anymore.  Take twelve!”  The children will always remember their family holidays which bonded them together.  When they were older, they went on holidays on their own, learning to care, and help each other. For their graduation present, WH bought the three boys round the world tickets to go on their own for eight weeks. In one country they were cheated and so, they learnt how to protect and support one another. Besides relating to their parents they get together on their own, forming loving ties with their siblings and cousins, a precious legacy that is passed on down the generations.


Ref: tlcshines
Ref: tlcshines


Not retired but re-fired

Nowadays, the Chuas continue to travel to different countries teaching, preaching, ministering, etc. They are at present in Hong Kong and we just heard that God has used them to pray for a surgeon with a 4th stage cancer.  God gave WH a prophetic picture, which he released to the surgeon who subsequently drinking in every word that WH shared, opened his heart to confess his sins and renewed his commitment to Jesus.

With their readiness to be led by God, the Chuas are sent to bring the Good News to the unexpected, seemingly unreached persons like the rich but needy in high society, the young and old, the rich and poor, the students and the professionals, the high and mighty, and the poor and lowly whose lives have been touched by theirs. They are too many to count.  It started in their youths and up till now, they continue wherever they are to fulfill their calling, leaving a legacy of transformed lives which will be remembered to eternity.


The Chuas program in:



14 March | Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) | Workplace Conference 

14 March |  DUMC | Evening service 5 PM – 7 PM

15 March  | DUMC|  Morning service 10 AM – 12 PM

21 March |  Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) | Evening service | 5 PM – 6:30 PM

22 March | Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) | Morning Service | 8:30 AM – 10 AM | 11.00 AM – 12.30 PM



28  March | St John & St Margaret’s Church  Evening service

29  March |  SJSM, Two morning services (Palm Sunday) 

4 April |  SJSM Special Healing service, Evening service

5  April |  All Saints Church, Easter Sunday 


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