You are bestowed with Power of Dunamis, Kratos, and Exoutia!—FCCI Annual Conference, Genting Highlands

Pr Tony Tay (middle) with the participants of the FCCI Conference
Pr Tony Tay (middle) with the participants of the FCCI Conference

14 Nov 2014 by Adeline Lum CM-


On October 24th to 26th, Pastor Tony Tay preached at the Fellowship of Companies for Christ International (FCCI) annual conference at Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Resorts.

Group chairman and CEO of 38 companies in New Zealand from year 1995 to 2008, he is now the founder pastor of Jireh Marketplace Ministry International and international itinerant speaker and adjunct lecturer.

He talked about the Authority of Kingdom Leadership, which first session focused on the power of God.


18 I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people, 19 and his incomparably great powera for us who believe. That power is the same as the mightyb strengthc 20 he exerted when he raised Christ from the dead and seated him at his right hand in the heavenly realms, 21far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every name that is invoked, not only in the present age but also in the one to come. (Ephesians 1:19-21)


Participants worshiping God before the session began
Participants worshiping God before the session began


In these short three verses, Paul used for different words in Greek to reveal the power of Christ in his prayer for the Ephesian church. A cursory English survey of the uses of “power” reveals a wide variety of ideas, due largely to the fact that this word has been used to represent four different Greek words, which despite its having some overlapping meanings, they have quite distinct meanings.


Dunamis: State of Power

The word ‘power’ in verse 19(a) refers to Dunamis, which meant power or ability.

Mentioned 117 times in the New Testament, dunamis can mean inherent power or power residing in a thing by virtue of its nature. In another source, dunamis can also be the ability to achieve and the potential for functioning in some way.

Tying all the meanings together, dunamis means the vested and inherent power of God in all of us!

On a side note, if we continue reading verse 19, we are told that the power given to us is incomparable and great. In other words, all of us are given extraordinary and humongous power by God! Like a dynamite (which by the way originates from dunamis), we hold the explosive power of God in us. Now, think about that.


Pr Tony Tay explaining about the power of God to the participants
Pr Tony Tay explaining about the power of God to the participants


Kratos: Action of Power

The word ‘power’ in verse 19(b) and verse 20, on the other hand, is rendered as ‘mighty strength.’ The Greek word used for this power is kratos, which means the ability to exhibit or express resident strength or might.

While dunamis lies within and may not be readily visible, kratos is the exhibition or expression of that power through a form of visible dominion and ruling.

And in the example given by Paul, we can see God exerting (or exhibiting or expressing) this power through the resurrection of Christ from the dead. (verse 20) What this tells us is that all of us have this same all-conquering power in us as well!


Ischus: Physical power

The third meaning of power is found in verse 19(c), which refers to Ischus. Ischus means strength, power, might, force, and ability. Coupled with kratos, the word describes a powerful form of action.


Participants of the FCCI
Participants of the FCCI


Exousia: Bearer of Power

Finally, the fourth meaning of power is found in verse 21, which refers to Exousia. Exousia means ‘bearer of ruling authority.’

Used in the human context, exousia means authority, official, and government. And used in the Christian faith context, exousia would mean God’s priests, co-heirs with Christ, and ambassadors of Christ (which is who we are according to the Bible). (1 Pet 2:9, Rom 8:17, 2 Cor 5:20)


And here is an example of how I would understand Dunamis, Kratos, and Exousia to provide more clarity.


Possessing the Engine of a Lamborghini

Having dunamis is like having a car engine of a Lamborghini Aventador LP1600-4 Mansory Carbonado GT. Plainly speaking, it has the highest horsepower in the world now, with 1600 hp.


Ref: newcarreviewsusa
Dunamis | Ref: newcarreviewsusa


But nobody knows about your engine power until it’s put to test on the road, which is also called as kratos. Simply put, kratos is the exhibition of dominion over all the other cars on the racetracks, shown by supposedly supreme speed and design on the road.


Ref: cdn.wall-pix
Ref: cdn.wall-pix


But how can we show the full dunamis of this car? We got to practice kratos effectively first, not only on the race tracks but also out of the tracks by following the manual written by the Maker of the Lamborghini. This means we need to be disciplined in meeting the scheduled maintenance, cleaning the car, and also actively replenishing the oil and gas of the car.


Ref: staticflickr
Ref: staticflickr


Put into the spiritual context, we need to be disciplined in reading the Word, keeping our practices clean from corruption, and also filling ourselves with the Holy Spirit.


Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit (Ephesians 5:18)


Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body. (1 Cor 6:19-20)


To win the race, we need to study the different racetracks beforehand while consulting the maker’s Global Positioning System or GPS. In other words, we need to know God’s Will and God’s Ways to reach the end of our race victoriously.


Ref: vinskyproject
Ref: vinskyproject


Oh, how I love your law!

I meditate on it all day long.

Your commands are always with me

and make me wiser than my enemies.

I have more insight than all my teachers,

for I meditate on your statutes.

I have more understanding than the elders,

for I obey your precepts.

I have kept my feet from every evil path

so that I might obey your word.

I have not departed from your laws,

for you yourself have taught me.

How sweet are your words to my taste,

sweeter than honey to my mouth!

I gain understanding from your precepts;

therefore I hate every wrong path.

(Psalm 119:97-104)


And most importantly, to win the race, we need to follow the rules of the competition. Simply put, winning in God’s Kingdom requires integrity. Don’t cheat or take the easy way out.


Ref: cache2.asset-cache
Ref: cache2.asset-cache


Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out. (Proverbs 10:9)


There is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. (Luke 8:17)


Finally, exoutia is when the maker of Lamborghini makes you their car racer. You bear the authority to use and take care of the car. This also means everywhere you go; you carry the name of Lamborghini with you. And your victory would have meant Lamborghini’s victory!


Ref: blogspot
Ref: blogspot


You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of human beings. (1 Cor 7:23)


Pastor Tony shared that God will only use someone who will yield to his authority. But sometimes, we pray to change God’s mind. However, God is not like men who changes His Mind. (Num 23:19) Instead, if you want to pray with authority, pray according to His Will. Align your mind, your heart, your body, and your soul to His Word. And you will set forth with the power of exoutia, dunamis, and kratos!


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