The 12th WCDN International Conference | For Medical Practitioners | 16-17 May | Sunway Putra Hotel |

Ref: Zackhunt |
Ref: Zackhunt |

3 May 2015-

The purpose of this conference is to study about divine healing and to glorify the divine healer Jesus Christ. During this 2-day conference, we will look at 9 medical cases with medical proof of divine healing after prayer.


Here is the list of cases:
A. Testimonies
1. Chronic Myeloid Leukemia shared by Dr Gilbert Chae, Korea
2. Contact allergic dermatitis shared by Dr Chang Gyu Yang, Korea
3. Breast Cancer 36 years shared by Datuk Dr Daniel, Malaysia


B. Case presentations
1. Acute left ventricular heart failure with pulmonary edema shared by Dr Brian S Yeo, Korea
2. Myopic Choroidal Neovascularization shared by Dr Joon Sung Kim, Korea
3. Ebola virus disease in Congo shared by Dr Min Seok Seo, Korea
4. From Death to Life (Mesenteric Thrombosis) shared by Dr Armando Pineda Velez, USA
5. Brain Injury, trauma shared by Datuk Dr Daniel, Malaysia
6. Dead brought back to Life shared by Dr Phillip Lyn, Sarawak.
All these patients are alive and well now because of Jesus Christ and His healing power through prayer.

Come and join also the Healing Prayer Service on 16th of May!




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