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To be alive!

To feel the warmth of the morning sun on your cheeks,

And inhale fresh cool oxygen into your eager lungs,

Our vital bodies created for this beautiful world

Thank you God immensely for our health!




To be alive!

To tell your wife how much more you love her,

To hug her, embrace her and romance her,

To always seek her and treasure her,

Thank the Lord dearly for our beloved spouses!


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To be alive!

To enjoy the romp of your loving family in the lounge,

To have your arms around your children,

To share in their joys as they cuddle close to you,

To feel their warmth as they look up and embrace you,

Thank you Lord so much for our families!




To be alive!

To wake up very early to go to work,

To be able to perform better today than yesterday,

To want to be responsible and to achieve more,

To be always gracious and thankful to your workmates,

Thank you Lord continuously for our workplace!

To be alive!




To always praise and worship Him,

To always seek Him and always say you are sorry (again),

To be ever ready to share His love and goodness,

And to receive His everlasting peace with great joy,

Thank you O wonderful and gracious Lord Jesus!


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-Stewart Chew

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