“Our Hearts are United” – Pastor Ong Sek Leang of Metro Tabernacle, KL

9th Oct 2012.  By Ezra Chim,  CM  –

Pastor Ong and sister Nancy

On the 6th Oct 2012, Metro Tabernacle in Batu Caves had a great carnival and family fair within the church compound for worthy community projects that the church had undertaken. The church family and friends rallied around the leadership to raise RM 400,000 for the needs of the community. All the proceeds will go to the Orang Asli work, the setting up of a soup kitchen, and the children’s home.

The writer was privileged to visit the church for the first time and saw the unity of hearts amongst the members and Pastor Ong Sek Leang and his wife Nancy being there throughout the carnival, talking and mingling with all the faithful people around. And the lovely people have been “over-feeding” their pastors for this joyous occasion. It was a chance to treat the pastors when their diet plans were temporary forgotten. Praise the Lord for the happy family and the chance to contribute back to society as well.

Metro Tabernacle

Pastor Ong was gracious to explain that all the proceeds will go to three community projects. The Orang Asli works will involve setting up of a social recreational building, a community library, praise and worship band, and to teach English to the people there. The soup kitchen and food distribution will continue to be enhanced with regular food distribution and to develop a complete soup kitchen where members are trained and certified as chef and cooks so that as they graduate later they will be able to “fish” themselves. As for the children’s home, it will be relocated to the Batu Caves area to cater for the middle and lower income group. The age group of children ranges from 8 to 15 years old and the home gives them a good foundation and space to grow in their early years.

Safe Climb

As pointed out by Pastor Ong, the church family has shown great unity to sell the carnival tickets and to provide the food, resources and time for the occasion. With hearts that are united, the church can do great deeds for the community for the glory of God.

Having had a first-hand experience at the carnival and talking to Pastor Ong personally, the writer went home with a joyous heart that indeed when the church comes together as one, the church can reach out effectively to the people around us with the overflowing love of God. Praise the Lord for the love and contribution of Metro Tabernacle, Kuala Lumpur to the community around us.

The crowd at the carnival
Games for the children