28th NOVEMBER 2017 – For the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship (FGBMF) Malaysia, tonight was almost like a ‘page’ pulled out of “The Happiest People on Earth”, a book recounting the personal story of how God impressed upon the late Demos Shakarian (the founder of FGBMF International) the Vision of starting a men’s fellowship in 1952. When FGBMFI first started, it was at an establishment called ‘Clifton’s Café’ where 21 people gathered and Demos Shakarian shared how the Spirit of God has convicted him to begun a ministry where man would tell another man about Jesus Christ. From there millions of men from all nationalities; tribes; cultures and tongues have been blessed through that one Vision given to Demos.



The ‘Fat Spoon’ cafe may be a different outlet, but the Vision remains ingrained. The launching of FGBMF’s ‘TrailBlazer Chapters’ for the younger working adult men is envisioned to provide Young Adults with opportunities within a non-threatening setting and environment to invite their friends to come listen to the testimonies of supernatural encounter with the Lord where a person’s life was transformed, moved and changed by Jesus Christ Himself.

The launch event was attended by 38 men from as young as 18 years old to a majority between 20 to 40 years of age, coming together for the first meet-up ever as a combined chapters meeting. (FGBMF runs weekly chapters in the marketplace, similar to how churches run cell groups at home). It was marvelous seeing some senior FGBMF brothers tagging along to offer encouragement and moral support to their younger counter-parts and to spur them to rise-up and run with the ministry – where younger men reach out to their peers with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The representatives of Graduates Christian Fellowship (GCF) Malaysia and the Encubators were also present at the event, in a show of support for FGBMF’s initiative.



To kick-start the event, songs of Praise and Worship bringing forth the presence of the Lord filled the entire café followed by Bro Jacob Loh who graced everybody through his skillful playing of his saxophone; a stunning performance which sets the ambience and mood for the rest of the night.

Thereafter, FGBMFI Malaysia’s National President Bro Fong Hong Heng took to stage and cast the vision for Trailblazers, where he delivered a moving, eloquent and compelling speech about how the Lord put in us all a vision. Nehemiah did his job before the king, yet his heart was for the people of Jerusalem, yearning to rebuild the broken walls. Similarly, the Lord puts in our heart, a burden in and for the marketplace, where we are called to rebuild the walls wherever we are. But fear not because our Lord will see to success, the vision that He has placed in our hearts even as we are called to fulfil a certain role within the body of Christ.



As for Trailblazers, its goal is to go where nobody has gone forth before, akin to John the Baptist, whose main role is to be a proclaimer for Jesus Christ and subsequently preparing the way for the Lord. However, in order to trail blaze, five criterions have to be met:


  • Vision

Every great works of the Lord starts with a vision, especially the vision that He has deposited into our heart. As much as the Lord grants us His vision, He will also put like-minded brothers together to trail blaze side-by-side with each other like a brotherhood.


  • Obedience

Having a heart that is obedient to God, so that we may fulfil the vision that He has given to us.


  • Availability

In the midst of our busy-ness, we are still available for the works of the Lord. When Jesus went to Peter’s boat, Peter availed himself. Despite being busy at work, Peter chose Jesus. In return, he caught so many fishes that Peter had to call for his partners to help him out. Collectively, Peter’s partners and working associates now also receive the same blessing.


  • Commitment

Bro Fong quoted the example of another brother-in-Christ, Bro Michael Lim Jr who is here tonight but who had to leave early. He came despite being in the midst of his father’s wake service who had recently gone back to be with the Lord. Now, that is a balancing act of commitment and time management.


  • Follower of Jesus Christ

The final and important criteria is to be a follower of Christ and also a fisher of men.


Bro Fong continued to expound that it is time for FGBMF to enhance its ‘kitchen’ that has been cooking and serving Chinese meals and dishes; it is time to update the ‘utensils’ and ‘cooks’ to prepare sushi and sashimi for the younger generations who enjoys a different ‘meal’ to satisfy their need and hunger.


Bro H H Fong


Finally, he ended with a point of hope that all those attending tonight’s event would catch the vision when God pour out His visions in the Last Days just as Paul wrote in Acts 2:17 ‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out My Spirit on all people; your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

Next, one of the coordinators and pioneer of Trailblazers, Bro Michael Lim Jr in his brief sharing, added that the purpose of choosing the name ‘Trailblazers’ come about when the Bro Fong and himself, first saw the potential that lies ahead; this recurring trend where FGBMF has been and will continue to blaze the trails with the Gospel, where no one has travelled before, paving the track and way-finder for others who will come after them to build the Kingdom further, hence touching more lives and enlarging the tent in a synergistic manner together!


Bro Michael Lim


As Bro Michael was praying to the Lord over the past few months, the verses that came to him in regards to Trailblazers was Psalms 145, where at the height of this prose, the Psalmist extol how the mighty works of the Lord would be penned out from generation to generation (Psalms 145:4). The Lord also revealed to him that He will cause an explosive growth and establish the remainder 145 Trailblazer chapters, starting with the seeding of the first 5 chapters through the power of His Grace, to make the sum of 150 chapters in totality.

Following on, Bro Raymond Phang, FGBMF’s Central Region Director 3 explained what the organization’s core purpose was; a platform for men with ordinary jobs in the ordinary world to share the good news of Jesus Christ. These are not exceptional men, but rather ordinary laymen such as plumbers, dentists, salesmen and etc, going about their ordinary lives, just like the early 12 disciples of Jesus, giving testimonies to those who are like themselves. Colossians 3:23  allude us to the fact that even our work as a layman is an act of praise towards God. Hence, many of these ordinary men and women have been blessed with healings, the gift of tongues, and deliverance. It was all about a bunch of people who love to get together for the sake of His Kingdom. Trailblazers shall also share the same DNA as its parents. From laymen of all sorts of different backgrounds, ranging from university students, financial planners, car salesman, and journalist, all of these were present at the Trailblazers launch.


Bro Raymond Phang


God also made it clear to one of the founders that Trailblazers will also be localised to the different areas to be relevant to the people there, with no uniformity of sort but rather a movement with grounded local sensitivity to the Lord. It would be a pleasure to the Lord to see infinite varieties within Trailblazers just as God has populated the Earth with different tribes, people groups, varying cultures and diverse backgrounds. As the saying goes, our Lord may appear to two people at the same time but never in the same way.

Bro Raymond ended his sharing with this profound message to Trailblazers that God doesn’t need vast numbers to launch His work. He only needs small, faithful, availing numbers and God will cause the exponential multiplication to happen. God’s simple promise is this: “Do your part faithfully and I (He) will do the rest of the works”.

Any FGBMF event will not be complete without the testimonies. Evangelism in action does not necessarily mean preaching the gospel alone, but also the sharing of testimonies. Bro Wilson Lim, President of Puchong 2 Chapter, came up to give his testimony. Within his chapter, he needed more people of the younger generation to serve with him since many of his chapter members are the seniors / sifus and not many are from the young. Nevertheless, when he met an 80-year old lady at a banquet who is actively sharing the gospel despite her age, the Lord greatly inspired him. It just comes to show that age is never a matter.


Bro Wilson Lim


Finally, Bro H.H. Fong shared his own testimony whereby he and a few FGBMF members visited a coalition of underground churches in Vietnam 15 Years ago and was subsequently asked to spearhead an FGBMF initiative in Vietnam. It was an act of trailblazing into the country. The miracle that happened next was the approval granted by the Vietnamese government to form FGBMF Vietnam. Presently today, the organization has become a milestone event for the underground churches with its very large gathering and vibrant growth. In a compelling statement, Bro Fong encouraged the attendees that they should not be like the children of Ephraim who fled even though they were armed as found in Psalms 78:9. Instead, we should always step forward with the boldness of the Lord going forth before us.

Therefore, it is with hopeful expectation that youths and young adults will become involved in this movement called Trailblazers, whereby the old seek out the young. With a couple of handful faithful FGBMF brothers who came for the night expecting nothing less than spectacular presence of the Lord, may we also joint our hands and hearts together in echoing the prayer of Oral Robert as he supplicated to the Lord, “Lord Jesus, let this fellowship grow in Your strength alone. Send it marching in Your power across the nation, across the world….We give You thanks right now, Lord Jesus, that while we see a little group of people in a cafeteria, You see a thousand chapters.”



As everybody left the ‘Fat Spoon’ café with a sense of awe and excitement in the air, each also felt that they have been commissioned by the Lord.  Based on past experiences, there might be challenges; there might even be hurdles to cross and road blocks to overcome – but we know in Christ alone, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Phil 4:13) and to overcome the ‘hiccups’ that we might be facing forward, since Christ has already overcome for us (John 16:33). Take heart and we share the plot on!


May Your Name, Jesus Christ, be the Glory and Honor.


FGBMF Trailblazer memberships are open to all, and those interested to join may do so for the year 2018. For registration or more information, you may visit this website link or contact Trailblazers contact point at +6012-6067423 (Bro Michael Lim Jr) or +6012-2157336 (Bro Raymond Phang)


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