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Front row from left to right: Ricky Sutanto, Cilivella Jamious, and Pastor Kenny Tham
Front row from left to right: Ricky Sutanto, Cilivella Jamious, and Pastor Kenny Tham


As the Senior Pastor of SIBKL Lake City, I would like to give thanks to the Lord for the successful publishing of our first album entitled “Coming Back.” We praise God for this debut album for its great quality, good music arrangement, and distinctive blend of voices. 

All this can be done because of the blessing and help from our Lord. He has sent us an experienced and talented worshiper from Jakarta Praise Community Church in Indonesia, Ricky Sutanto from the Openhands Production, who did the arranging and mixing process in Jakarta, Indonesia and later mastering in Nashville, United States. I must say that we are thoroughly inspired by Ricky’s talent and his capability!


Ricky Sutanto (middle) with Pastor Kenny Tham and his wife
Ricky Sutanto (middle) with Pastor Kenny Tham and his wife


With his experience and guidance, along with the brimming talent of our church youths in vocal and music, an album of great quality is born – a sure blessing for our nation and other nations including Indonesia, Brunei, and even other English-speaking countries.

I have been carrying this burden of publishing this album since a few years ago when I saw the talent and passion for vocal and music amongst many young people from Sabah and Sarawak, including those who were working and studying in the Peninsular Malaysia. 

As a spiritual father of the church, I shared this burning desire with a few of my leaders who were very supportive of this vision. But due to some unavoidable matter, we had to delay this plan.

However, in year 2004, the Lord has brought to mind this plan again. And I am thankful for Cilivella Jamious (or known as Vella), a manager and a deaconess for the Praise and Worship department, of which we also refer to as the Prophetic department, for braving this challenge and shouldering the responsibility of publishing this album.


The "Coming Back" album
The “Coming Back” album


With the help from our Mighty God, we praise Him for sending us Ricky Sutanto through our brothers and sisters-in-Christ at BWCC church who recently published an album with him as well. 

We also thank our generous supporters who were willing to bear the whole cost of the album production. Praise God for their willing hearts in sowing into the Kingdom of God!

In producing the album, we encouraged our youths to write the songs of their heart unto the Lord. Through this process, not only did we discover their talent in singing, we also found them to be talented in composing songs that carried the heartbeat of God from his Word and the sermons from the church, though the arrangement of the songs were assisted by Ricky Sutanto.


From left to right: Tunung Robin, Jhawn Lawai, Cilivella Jamious (worship leader)
From left to right: Tunung Robin, Jhawn Lawai, Cilivella Jamious (worship leader)


From this album, we greatly desire that God’s voice, His Message, and His Vision can be delivered throughout this nation from our recorded album, whenever and wherever this album is listened to. This is the very reason we wanted to publish this album. 

Indeed, the talent of the youths of this generation shall not be limited by the four walls of a Sunday church service or other inhouse events, but they shall transcend beyond that to touch the lives of thousands of people.

We praise God for the hard work and patience for every team member, especially the excellent recording by The Ark Studio in TTDI. Although we only started the recording process in May, the Lord has enabled us to remarkably complete the recording process within one month through prayer made in faith. 

I thank God and I would like to congratulate the manager Vella; the singers including Jhawn Lawai, Wendy, Tunung, Vella, Imanuil, Anir, Helenlina, and Veronica; the musicians including Jeredy, Paulus, Timothy, Dominic, Jeffrin, and Elijah; and the production team Wagner and Mervin.


Musicians, singers, and the production team of the "Coming Back" album
Musicians, singers, and the production team of the “Coming Back” album


I would have loved to mention how much I appreciate their voice one-by-one here. But from listening to the ten songs in the album, I think it suffice to mention that the singers and musicians are very good and unique in their craft. Each song carries a distinctive and personal message from God.

In closing, we are happy to publish this Bahasa worship album on 8th of August, 2015 in SIBKL Lake City. We pray with all of our heart that this album can be distributed and played throughout Sabah, Sarawak, Peninsular Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and other nations.

May our humble work of art glorify God and play a part in releasing His Kingdom into your life. Amen. 

Listen to “Coming Back” by SIBKL Lake City here


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