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7 Dec 2013 by Pr Muthu –


In a recent revival meeting by Pr Muthu of Apostolic Shalom Ministry, held at Faith Charismatic Church in Jalan Ipoh, the Holy Spirit ministered mightily. There were not just many cases of healing, but many also came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Below is Pr Muthu’s testimony:




We have completed three days of local revival meeting at Faith Charismatic Church in Malaysia, where we had almost 600 people who were predominantly Chinese. During the three days, many were touched by the power of the Holy Ghost.


Many cases of healing took place throughout the three days




Two ladies who were confined on a wheelchair due to stroke began to stand and walk.  Another lady who had growth on her throat and was not able to swallow was healed. God restored the vision of a lady’s eye after she came for the second night, which electrified the entire meeting.  I did not get to finish the message. God mightily placed His Hand of approval on His Word.  It was so emotional and inspiring to feel the anointing as we watched her keep touching her eye, feel the tissue around the eye and then display awe and gratefulness toward Jesus! Many with problems such as back problem, vision impairment, and crooked hands were healed and restored.      


 Many were brought to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ




As my wife Susan lead the closing worship, many for the first time felt the touch of God and came to the altar to rededicate their lives for Jesus. Local new comers from other faiths gave their lives to the Lord after witnessing the miracles taking place. Many foreigners of other faiths also surrendered their lives to Jesus. The people responded overwhelmingly toward Him! They were mightily blessed, experiencing deliverance and emotional healing on every hand!



Night after night, we saw an increasing crowd who came for these meetings. Great hunger was present among the people as we ministered.


Pr Muthu Revival Meeting



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