God’s Rays

Ref: wikimedia | https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/87/Amanhecer_no_Hercules_--.jpg


Beams of beautiful colours in twilight

In the stillness of the oncoming night.

Spread in skies at sunset horizontily.

God’s rays shine on earth, amazingly.


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He sets pure ways for us to survive.

And lots of love from which to thrive

Sets seasons for every nations

That are undoubtedly His Creations.


Ref: wordpress


He awakens us to hear Him at dawn,

Acknowledge  Him, the Son of Man!

He is always waiting to listen to  us.

Hide not your plan, He knew it first.


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In the morning, at the sun you gaze,

At evening you see its glowing face

Releasing colours in the heavens

As the earth spins around it hence.


Praise at sunset (ref: wordpress)


O God, Your Rays are so Glorious

Thank You Lord, for Your Presence.


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